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  1. On 12/30/2019 at 3:46 PM, gforce_15 said:

    What year is it? if its 2016 or older, its cheap to delete them and run a conservative tune that will improve fuel mileage a fair amount. If its an L5P (2017+), it's pricey and not as many options


    edit; sorry just noticed in the title of the thread that its a 2019. Other than deleting and tuning, most people have great results from the Banks Derringer products. 


  2. 9 hours ago, TheElementalCashew said:


    Does your boat trailer have LED lights? I had to install resistors on my car hauler, because I had the same issue with constant disconnect/reconnects on my AT4. Pretty silly considering the trailer worked great with my 2016 Colorado that had far less tech. 

    Is it because the trailer is aluminum? My metal trailer works great. Both trailers have LED lights and I wired both trailers the same way. 


    Did you put a resistor on each wire?

  3. Since you all are talking about trailers and hook ups. I have a 2019 HC.


    My boat trailer (aluminum) lights don't work like they should. The truck shows it disconnect/connects all the time while I'm driving. I posted about this earlier on here or the facebook page and people said check the ground. Everything was tight like it should be so I completely rewired the trailer and still disconnects/connects on its own. Last weekend I hooked the boat to my wife's Tahoe and the lights work perfect. Can someone explain that? FYI they worked as they should on my 2014 also.


    My flatbed (metal) trailer lights work with no problems when hooked to my truck.

  4. 8 minutes ago, eppieguy said:

    I haven't seen any but be careful with a 12.5" wide tire on an OEM 22" wheel, I'm almost positive on the 22" OEM wheels a 12.5" will hit the upper control arm. My current tires are 305-45R22's and they are less than 1/2 inch away and they measure out to be 11.6" wide.

    I sure don't wanna run a spacer.

  5. 2 hours ago, chris918 said:

    Iv had 6 silverados all of them iv put on the bfgoodrich all terrain tires iv always gotten decent tire wear . I absolutely love them iv sworn bye them . But for $290 a tire and only 35-40k miles out of them. Then the new KO'2 came out and the tires are lasting have as long . Anyone else noticing this ? Anyone have any suggestions on a similar tire nitto grappler ECT.......?

    I have had both Nitto T.G. and BFG KO2. Nitto is way better. I usually get 40-50k on Nitto and my last BFG got 25-30k. 


    If you have 20s and ride the highway a lot I would try Nitto Dura Grappler. I would get them if they had 33s for 22s. My uncle has a 2500hd diesel and gets about 80-100k on each set. 

  6. Has anyone went from a K2 5.3 to the 2.8 diesel? Whats the towing difference? I have a 6.2 now but thinking about the 2.8 diesel. The only thing I tow is a John Deere Gator (XUV) and a 20ft center console aluminum boat. I drive about 60 miles a day to work and back.

  7. On 2/23/2019 at 9:15 PM, Dean G said:

    My 2019 4x4 Denali does not have any block either. This is the first of the 7 4x4 gm trucks that I’ve had over the years that doesn’t have a block. My last truck was a 2016 that I put a 6 inch lift in. Not going to go that tall with this truck and I still have the 1 1/4” blocks and  u-bolts from that one. Planning on using them with the 2” level I got from rough country to keep some rake for towing and hauling.

    I added the 1 inch block from fabtech's 3 inch lift. 

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