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  1. Not sure where you are getting a $200 amp to push 600 watts x 2 @ 4ohm cleanly. Depends on how loud you want the setup as REV10's are no joke.
  2. If you want to put tower speakers in the best, those are NOT the speakers to pick (even if you are a Kicker fan, they make much better tower speakers). If you want tower speakers back there, gets a pair of WetSounds Rev10's. Pump each with about 300 watts RMS and you will have all the sound you ever need. I personally run Exile SXT65 tower speaker on our wakeboat - 4 of them. I wouldn't use them in a truck bed, though.
  3. And since you can't tune the newer 8-speeds with EFI Live, perhaps it is time to get with the program and go HP Tuners?
  4. I run this one: https://smile.amazon.com/RONIN-FACTORY-Silverado-Anti-Theft-Replacement/dp/B079KXLF57/ref=sr_1_1_sspa?keywords=ronin%2Bantenna&qid=1559960929&s=gateway&sr=8-1-spons&th=1 No idea as to if it gets any reception or not; never checked as I don't listen to welfare radio.
  5. It's good to see you choose to go to the dealer to get the code scanned instead of getting a proper scanner as recommended by more than one person in this thread. Good job. I use Blue Driver myself, but you really should waste you money at the dealer.
  6. This. Motive bleeder is the way to go. Our German cars use DOT-4, which requires a change out every 2 years, so I do it frequently. Just used mine on my boat trailer as well. I will never, ever do the pump the brakes method again. This makes it quick and painless. I just replaced all the brake lines in my trailer last weekend and it took maybe 20 minutes (wheels on, boat on the trailer, so lots of sliding on my back) to get it fully bled. It would have taken 2 people a good hour+ to do it manually.
  7. Pretty bad blanket statement. Depending on the trim/mileage, that can be a pretty good deal. The value of the high-trims is the reason I bought a new one as used just didn't make any financial sense.
  8. Again, how would it be okay - per GM's recommendation - on what is a nearly identical engine on the Vette but not on these trucks? Why would you be concerned about anything in the L86 and not equally in the LT1?
  9. Which still isn't 0W20. I run Mobil One 0W40 in our German cars. Will probably just starting running that in the truck once I'm out of free oil changes; lot easier just having one oil on the shelf.
  10. That is your first mistake. But it has CarPlay too. The HMI 2.5 module would likely correct this.
  11. Then why does the 2018 owner's manual for the Camaro LT1 engine recommend 0W40 or 5W40, and the 2018 manual for Corvette LT1 recommend 5W30? Everything that touches oil in these motors is the same as the L86. The "harsher conditions in a performance car" is total horse crap, as the L86 has to push an additional 2,000lbs at all time and is subject to heavy towing loads as well. They even recommend 15W50 for track use, so again, the expectation is those oils are for uses less severe than the L86 truck sees.
  12. Why not just swap to a 2.5 HMI and use Android Auto?
  13. Then your testing methods were bad. Period. Your truck as a MAP, MAF and O2 sensors. The ECU simply adjusts the pulse width of the injectors to keep your A/F ratio it is tuned to based on air coming in. Even with a huge restriction, the throttle would simply open bigger and same A/F ratio would be maintained, using the same fuel. Please explain how your intake magically changes this.
  14. I use this: https://www.amazon.com/Motive-Products-System-Bleeder-Trucks/dp/B000TK9FE8/ref=sr_1_9?crid=1XG9H2OPRZCKU&keywords=motive+brake+bleeder&qid=1558956609&s=gateway&sprefix=motive+bra%2Caps%2C154&sr=8-9 I have adapters for our German cars and one for my boat trailer. Works great, I end up using it at least once a year.
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