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  1. Last October I bought a new 2017 Terrain and from the get go I noticed it "drifts" to the left when going down the highway and that it doesn't sit level --- The rear passenger side is 3/8" higher than the rear driver's side. I have had it to the dealer 3 times and they do some checking, a little tweaking, and then say it's within specs. However, it still drifts to the left and still does not sit any leveler. Something didn't look quite correct with the rear springs so today I put a new set of rear springs in it and it did not correct the height issue, still being 3/8" difference. It is hard to believe a new vehicle is this poorly built that it doesn't even sit level. Of course I contacted GMC customer service and they only suggested I bring it back to the dealer a 4th time, as if that would do any good. Has anybody else had this problem or have any suggestions on how to get this corrected? This is very disappointing. Gary
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