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  1. 6.0 vs 8.1

    Thanks.... I suspected that the 6.0 was the correct engine and the cover on top of the motor says Vortec. According to NADA Guides the Allison transmission only came with the diesels that year but they say I DO have a 6 speed automatic. I'll check for axle ratios and thanks a bunch for your advice. Do you have any idea what kind of mileage I should expect with my camper off the truck? Also do you recommend any mods to the truck that almost everyone does that are popular? I'm not really looking to boost HP or Torque from the motor but anything else including a gas tank upgrade or addition would be of interest to me. Oh.... One more thing... Do you recommend a particular brand of brush guard that will accommodate a winch? LD
  2. 6.0 vs 8.1

    OK... I'm definitely a newbie when it comes to GM trucks because I've been driving Toyotas and Fords since the 70's but now I have picked up a 2009 Z71 4wd 2500 mostly because of the cabover slide in Lance camper that it came with. I am falling in love with the truck but I have almost no idea what I've bought. How can I tell whether I have a 6.0 or 8.1 motor? How about what transmission I have? Rear end axle ratio? Sorry for all the newbie questions but I looked around and didn't find an FAQ that would help me. *** EDIT *** OK... I found a link that told me to check the 8th digit of the VIN code and it's a K which I guess means it a 5.7L small block 350ci engine. Can someone please tell me where to find more information on this motor? Everything I've found so far doesn't even mention it being produced as late as 2009 so the confusion mounts. I'd like to know HP and Torque and other specs as well as information on how reliable it is etc. *** EDIT #2 *** The confusion continues... I got on NADA Guides dot com and they say the motor that comes with my pickup is the 6.0L and it has a 6 speed transmission. So now I am once again confused. Is it a 5.7 Liter or a 6.0 Liter? The plot thickens. TIA

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