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  1. 3.5 inch Rough Country Lift

    Sierra is stock silverado has the 3.5 knuckle lift.
  2. Half ton life, get used to it.
  3. Anyone know what the bolt size is on the top of the strut tower for the 3 bolts or a gm site that shows? Iv searched the web but can’t find.
  4. The best option would be wrap the vehicle in aluminum foil not the cheap food grade kind. Iv attached a link below. It is very important that the windscreen is left open enough to see if you plan to use the vehicle still. Once you have found out if in fact you are being tracked I would sell the vehicle. 1000 sqft Reflective NASA Radiant Barrier Attic Foil Insulation 17" perforated https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01J6L3BNG/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_i_ylkZCbKY4H7H9
  5. Does anyone know how to keep this plastic cover on where seat belt goes in or had problems with it coming off? Driving me nuts!
  6. Adding spacers to current lift

    Thats what I was trying to explain to em, They ordered the rough country 3.5 knuckle lift as well as a set of control arms for 3-5 inch lifts. I tried to explain they would be better off for a few hundred more buying a ac 4 inch lift but didnt listen!
  7. A friend of mine is looking into 3.5 inch lift for there 2017 and was asking if they could add additional 1/2 inch spacer on-top of the 3.5 to get closer to a 4 inch front lift? I have herd of people adjusting there struts on lifts that include new cross members, knuckles diff drop ect.. but wanted to know how bad it would be on ball joint and such with say a the newer style fabtech, rough country, superlift 3.5 kits . Thanks for any help
  8. Anyone know what front diff weighs on our trucks? Mine is a 2015 4x4
  9. 4” BDS Clearance

    I would guess it would rub in front valance and control arm, bds will increase your track and push out the wheel further with that size wheel and tire. Id look into a different lift that wont push out your wheels.
  10. 2019 TPMS For Aftermarket Wheels

    I bought a wheel and tire package from extreme customs and the tpms they gave me never worked. Bought my own tool, went to my gm dealer and discount tire. No one could get them to work. better off buying oem and using them instead of the junk Chinese crap.
  11. Holy smokes! Dual high beams?! Now all you need is a train horn.
  12. Does that kit not come with rear shocks? If it does why not just use those as I believe rough country has a good return policy/warrenty. Anyhow Iv herd good things about fox brand. https://www.jackit.com/fox-98450759.html maybe able to find somewhere else besides this place also
  13. Z71 vs work truck grille size

    What year is your truck? I believe the ltz 4x4 and the ltz z71 have different grills. So you would most likely need to swap out the whole grill and surround with the honeycomb style thats on the z71 4x4.

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