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  1. 4” BDS Clearance

    I would guess it would rub in front valance and control arm, bds will increase your track and push out the wheel further with that size wheel and tire. Id look into a different lift that wont push out your wheels.
  2. 2019 TPMS For Aftermarket Wheels

    I bought a wheel and tire package from extreme customs and the tpms they gave me never worked. Bought my own tool, went to my gm dealer and discount tire. No one could get them to work. better off buying oem and using them instead of the junk Chinese crap.
  3. Holy smokes! Dual high beams?! Now all you need is a train horn.
  4. Does that kit not come with rear shocks? If it does why not just use those as I believe rough country has a good return policy/warrenty. Anyhow Iv herd good things about fox brand. https://www.jackit.com/fox-98450759.html maybe able to find somewhere else besides this place also
  5. Z71 vs work truck grille size

    What year is your truck? I believe the ltz 4x4 and the ltz z71 have different grills. So you would most likely need to swap out the whole grill and surround with the honeycomb style thats on the z71 4x4.
  6. Yellow fogs?

    I had yellow LED fog bulbs in mine and they were worse than the oem halogen. I switched them out with these and it is better https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07CG5CGC3/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_i_3UqNCbV4FFZRM
  7. 4 inch bds

    Those with 4 inch lifts (bds and fabtech) with new knuckles and cross members looking to see how much of a noticable lift you got. Iv seen pictures here and there and it looks the same as a leveling kit to me and I can’t seem to find any measurements in cab height or from bottom of cab to ground
  8. I think he said above he had to trim a bit on the front valance. This rough country also pushes out the front track around a inch and a half also I think zone is about the same..
  9. Here is a site that has that but its out of stock..https://www.autofitparts.com/grille-insert-14-15-set-upperlower-chr-whoney
  10. So if you do this you can use google maps if you do not have the onstar nav?
  11. Rcx 5”

    Anyone here running this rcx 5” kit?
  12. here are the extended ones. I think you could possibly make somethi g similar for alot less money if you are creative and handy. I wish there was a rubber universal type that would fit but I have yet to find one.. Link to extended https://www.shapeways.com/product/FTQHHLVEP/a-single-thinner-extended-silverado-headlight-cap link to oem https://www.gmpartsgiant.com/parts/chevrolet-cover~23215569.html
  13. You can find oem ones on gm parts websites just do a google search for oem silverado headlight access covers for your year make sure you order the correct ones as the top and bottom are different sizes!
  14. 2014+ Suspension Lifts

    Anyone running the fabtech basic 4 inch kit that comes with replacement cross members and knuckles ? I spoke to fabtech and they told me that this one runs closer to 4.5 and the budget kit with new upper control arms ran closer to 3.5??
  15. 2014+ Suspension Lifts

    No one here has a rough country 5” knuckle kit?

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