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  1. Headlight upgrade

    Though this has been covered many times in forum your best bet with reflector style headlights is a H9 bulb swap. You can buy hella brand h9 bulbs that will be a significant improvement over the stock h11 bulb. Stay away from LED or HID bulbs in reflector housing the headlight will create to much glare and a bad beam pattern that will look like crap on the road as well as blinding the shit out of other vehicles.
  2. Tpms relearn

    They told me they where dual learn 315/433 im guessing but iv already ordered oem to replace the one they installed.
  3. Tpms relearn

    I think they sent me bad sensors at this point or else they arnt even installed.
  4. Tpms relearn

    Thanks for the suggestions everyone, went to a local custom truck/car wheel tire place today that is well know and they still couldnt get a scan in them. Im begining to wonder if the sensors are even in there as the only one i could ever get a horn honk from was the driver side rear.
  5. Tpms relearn

    Recently bought a wheel and tire deal with TPMS included but not having any luck with my el-50448, have been to local gm dealer as wheel as a discount tire neither of which could pick up the TPMS with there scanners. The TPMS brand is PDQ. Just wondering if anyone has had similar issues and solution? and iv read through forums but cant find any thing similar to this. thanks all
  6. LED Bulbs

    I have 1 driver side eagle eye headlight that i would sell if anyones interested, the headlight is in great shape, the only deal is the projectors squirrel finder needs adjusted. 80 shipped
  7. Chrome, Painted Mirror Caps

    Prices for chrome?
  8. The little light on the upper console is map light.
  9. Recommend Leveling kit

    I have rough country 2 inch bottom level as well as motofab .5 inch on top on my 2015 so setting perfectly level at 2.5. Rough country and motofab are the ones I see most.
  10. Selling OEM reflectors ,HID ballast pair of 35w morimotos and pair of 35 kensun, 9012 5000k morimoto bulbs, 4300k kensun bulbs will post pictures and price if anyone is intrested
  11. Headlight dust cap

    Has anyone found a rubber type headlight dust cap that will fit on the silverado 15-18 to take the place of the oem one?
  12. XenonDepot

    It works, hooked them up today no relay required.
  13. HID question

    Easiest way iv found to aim your headlights is 1) Make sure its almost fully dark outside 2) find a flat level area that has a wall big enough to project both of your lights onto 3) pull your truck up to the wall as close as you can while still being able to mark with tape the top most brightest edges of both headlights on the wall 4) back up 25 feet and make sure your beams are still at the same level as the tape. If not adjust up or down.
  14. XenonDepot

    Anyone running Xenondepot HIDs with PWM and no relay harness? I currently have the Extreme pro LED that uses the PWM to keep a constant power to them just wondered if I can run them on my HID alone without the need for the extra wiring from relays. Thanks

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