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  1. Denali-king What kind of loss in MPG did you see when you switched to E85. Right now my 2014 6.2 averages 15.7 or so on my daily drive to work and back. I"m also on 34" tires so I"m happy with that. It's up from 13.8 to 14.2 from my 2008 denali with the old 6.2 with headers and other bolt-ons.
  2. If I had a dyno close to me I would love to dyno my 2014 6.2 at 110K miles still bone stock to my knowledge. I bought it 5000 miles ago and as far as I can tell it still runs really strong. It will still blow the tires off with 34" nitto ridge grapplers on it and stayed right with my wifes 6.1 srt8 charger from a 70 to 90 kick. Getting ready to do Long tube headers not cats, E85 convertion, and HP tune. Just wanted to drive it for a few month to stake it down before I jumped into performance stuff. I will still probably add a catch can at some point. Mainly because it will see boost in the future!!!
  3. Why would you spend 4,500 to 5,000 dollars on supercharger to only put down 400 to the wheels. When you can spend much less and get more power. If I spent 5,000 on a supercharger for my 6.2 and only put 400 rwhp down. I would take it off and throw it through the window of the shop that sold it to me. New 6.2's with Speed engineering headers 399.00 custom HP tuner tune 250.00 E85 convertion 355.00 modify stock air intake FREE free free Will put down 420 to 430 rwhp For 1004.00 Now I love superchargers but for only 400rwhp i would pass.
  4. Selling my used 285x75r17 Nitto Ridge Grapplers and Ultra Motorsports 17" wheels. I bought the truck with this set up from a dealer and I've put 4000 miles on it. Rims are pretty much perfect and the tires are all worn evenly and balanced well. Just looking to get a bigger rim. 1300 or OBO 6x5.5
  5. Thanks please update after the tuner. We have similar trucks and I'm really interested in your review. Do you tow anything?
  6. I'm alittle confused on which cam you went with. The idol video says BTR did I miss in the thread where you switched from TSP to BTR?? Did you ditch VVT?
  7. Good for you I really wanted to here your thoughts this cam. I would love to do one in my 2014 6.2 Did you do a stall??
  8. Not to long ago I bought a 100k 2014 GMC 6.2, that looks and drives like a 10k mile truck. I've only had it for 5K miles now but it runs like a scalded dog. I had an 2008 denali 6.2 with header and a tune with 180k miles before it was totaled. I know it's a different engine but it didn't scare me. I've wait the 5k miles to mod it just to make sure every thing was solid. Now it's time for headers, custom tune and E85 conversion.
  9. I might be easier if you just vinyl wrap them. I would be really cheap and easy. Just a thought good luck!!
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