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  1. Very nice cars but if something goes wrong very expensive to fix and hard to work on. I was thinking ZL1 either generation but perfer 6 gen since I know the egine well from this damn truck. Or V2 CTSV manual, 6gen SS and do heads, cam, pistons boost. And C6 ZO6 with bolt ons and heads cam.
  2. The plan is to get a 2500 with basic mods, tune and exhuast and use it to pull the Wakeboat and Razor. And buy some kind of sport car as a toy to do cam, heads and full bolt ons. I just can't make up my mind what car LOL.
  3. They all suck at this point. My truck I bought at 90K something miles and it has been nothing but problems. My old 2008 denali with the old 6.2 had 180K and never had one problem but some lady totaled that one for me. This 2014 L86 6.2 has had 1. Lifter fail, so cam and ported heads. Not that mad about that one becasue I wanted a cam anyway LOL. 2. Vacum pump 3. Cracked AC condensor 4. HPFP 5. Cracked radiator 6. Upper ball joints both sides. It has a lift so not mad. 7. Both front wheel bearings. Not mad at changing them becasue of my wheels. But I am mad about how much more they cost than the older ones and seem to go out faster. I had the same lift and wheel and tire set up on my last truck. The wheel bearings seem to last longer. 8. Motor mounts HUGE pain in the A$# 9. Spun rod bearing on 1 and 2. So I pulled the engine, new crank, Oil pump, Oil cooler, forged Diamond pistons, and bearings plus C5-R timing chain and what every else. 10. Then 1200 miles later trans. I did all the work myself. Since I have owned this truck for almost 5 years now. I have driven my dads old toyota avalone almost a total of one year during these 5 years. While I worked on my truck. I took me 5 months to get all the parts for the engine rebiuld last winter. I keep looking at different brands but they all have problems. Raptor and Regular F150 Ecoboost have cam phaser problems Ram 1500 still have lifter issues. But would love to get a TRX and maybe on the list next year for a used one. Ram 2500 trans problem and the 2019 and newer 2500's have a CP4 fuel pump. I just don't under stand why company's keep using a CP4's. But they are at the top of my list of new truck in a Mega Cab F250 2015 and newer CP4 again and they are crazy expensive even used. Duramax 2011-2016 CP4 Duramax 2017 to new emisions stuff and it's getting really hard and expensive to delete.
  4. If your doing all this work anyway and the motor is out. Why wouldn't you just swap cams and delete the AFM lifters. I did that on my L86 at 120K and was very reliable until it spun the connecting rod bearing on 1 and 2 LOL this winter. But now it's got forged pistons too.
  5. Scoll down to post #61. I'm JonblarC7 on there too. You'll see how I used a socket flip around on a extention to figure out the Top dead center of the lobe. This how I measured for the lash cap after my cam install. https://www.corvetteforum.com/forums/c7-tech-performance/4004454-how-to-installing-a-fuel-pump-lash-cap-in-an-lt1-and-checking-for-proper-clearances-3.html
  6. I lost mine at 125K miles. I bought the truck with 90K miles on it bone stock. I immediately hooked up my HP tuners and removed AMF only. And didn't touch any other part of the tune to see if I would loose any MPG. Drove it that way a month and the MPG didn't change at all. Now i was runing bigger tires so It would ever stay in V4 mode. Then I enabled E85 and that all that was done to the truck until it lost a lifter. They are going to fail and there is nothing you can do about it.
  7. I'm not sure about BTR but with TExas speed they just spec a higher stage 5.3 cam for the 6.2. On my truck when I called them to talk about the stage one 6.2 cam. They told me it was to big of a cam for a truck with a stock stall. So they had me buy there stage 2 L83 cam. It's a 218/226 .635 .635 112 lsa It's pulls hard. What size is the L83 BTR cam?
  8. Get a bigger pry bar and put it inbetween the U joint. I just had to do this last week to drop my transmission.
  9. Very nice build. I have the same TSP cam in my L86 with some porting on my heads. I hope to have boost soon but I just had to pull the engine mysellf from two spun rod bearings. So I had to spend my boost money on pistons and rebiulding the engine. It's almost back together. It's just hard to get parts right now. But hey now I have a new crank with Forged Diamond pistons on stock rods. I'm curious how you like that cam with boost?
  10. Cam is right. Go get some Permatex Ultra Grey from the parts store. Just make sure you clean off the old pan really good first. Use brake cleaner and a razor blade. I'm putting my motor back together right now so I'm going through this too. If your going that deep and doing it your self. YOu might as well do a DOD delete and a cam. All your lacking is the removing the head bolts basiclly.
  11. I would think you need to go to a stand only ECU. People have done it with camaro's and corrvette's but I'm pretty sure it's done with a stand only ECU. Just becasue the LS is port Injection and LT is Direct Injection Why not just do Forged pistons and rods in a L86 with boost it could be over 1000 rwhp on porblem. And be much cheaper. Or you could do what I was just forced to do. I put drop in Diamond forged pistons for 950 bucks on stock rods. They say the stock rods are good for 900 rwhp. The stock pistons are the weak point. Even at 800 rwhp it will never hook on the street.
  12. I'm going back to the stock pump. But my truck motor isn't done yet.
  13. How many miles are on it. Did you have a complete failure?? I guessing he is pulling the motor then? If he puts a new oil pump on then he doesn't have to worry about the alingment tools. I didn't replace mine at 125K when I had a failed lifter. I also didn't pull the motor. But now at 175K I pulled the motor because of two spun bearings. So it's getting a new oil pump and forged pistons
  14. I believe the HPFP supply line comes up and over in a different spot. So that cut out probably won't work.
  15. They say the high pressure pipe needs to be replaced but it doesn't. I replaced it the frist time I took it off. Then read on the corvette forums that most of those guys aren't replacing them. I've have mine off aleast two more times with failing HPFP's becasue TSP said I needed a certin size lash cap and I didn't measure I just trusted them. So I failed two pumps before found a thread on the corvette forums on how to measure for a lash cap. I have never bought a new one sense that first one. Now my motor is getting forged pistons and I'll use the line I already have.
  16. Praying for you with that Number 7 misfire LOL!!!!!! Good luck!!!!
  17. What bolts did you use to bolt you LT2 manifold. I never installed mine, then I spun some rod bearings. So I pulled the motor myself and sent it off to the machine shop. Now it's got forged daimond pistons . Since I got it torn apart I'm going to go ahead and install my LT2 manifold. BUT I though our L86 bolts are to short so I went to buy LT1 intake manifold bolts and they want 23$ a piece at the stealership. At 10 bolts that's more than I paid for the intake.
  18. Mine is a 6.2 but yes stock injector but 32% fuel lobe with a lash cap. Make sure you measure for the lash cap and don't just trust what they send you. There is a really good thread on the corrvette forum about that. I failed two HPFP because I didn't know that info two years ago. And stock torque convertor on the 6L80e
  19. Have you pulled the valve covers and check the valve springs. L86 I known for breaking valve springs!!!! I speack from experiance. But If you want a good cam. I have had a TSP 5.3 stage 2 218/226 32% over in my L86 for almost 30K miles now. The plan was to be boosted by now but. I just haven't pulled the trigger. To many other toys. It runs hard for a full bolt-on NA truck.
  20. Pulled RZR XP4 1000 with a heavy dual axle trailer thourgh the WV mountains this weekend. No problems. It's like the media, I hate that it happen to you. But out of the thousands that are out there it's a small percentage that have problems
  21. I got 167K on mine. Bought it with used 101k miles on it bone stock 6.2 L86. Heads, cam and full bolt-ons done by 125K. Big tires and burnout and she is still doing good. Doesn't mean it won't let go tomorrow. But for now I sleep good at night.
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