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  1. Why not just have the stock muffler remove and have what ever muffler you want welded in it's place it? It will be alot cheaper and still sound the same and have the same performance. You already have 3" pipes which is what most of the options you listed have. I personally wouldn't go with anything Flowmaster. They sound good but are a chambered design and block flow. I would go with more of a straight through design.
  2. Speed engineer with the cattless Y pipe. And yes my rear O2's are turned off in the tune.
  3. Thanks I got the 15x5 XR1 sitting in my closet. I’ll give it a try with it dumped over the rear axle. I found a guy on YouTube that does a bunch of muffler videos for our trucks with headers and no cats. He says it doesn’t drone with headers but who knows what to believe on the internet these days. Thanks for you input. If it’s to loud I’ll clamp the stock rear resonator temporally until I can get a resonator and a good tip put on.
  4. I wouldn’t change the EQ ratio until you have a wideband. You can get good gains with part throttle tuning using your STFT and LTFT. Just tune your fuel before you go into power enrichment.
  5. Any lower than this can cause a fuel dump situation and creat alot of black smoke on the hit when going WOT. Or at least it did on my truck. I'm pretty new to tuning but I feel lke I'm picking it up pretty well. Ask any question you want.
  6. I you haven't changed Fuel>Power Enrich>Throttle>Enable Pedal From the factory it's set to not go into Power Enrichment until 89% throttle. I would lower that. I can show you how I have mine if you want. And same screen under Delay>RPM Factory is 5,000 rpms have to be met before Power Enrichment is added. So from the factory you have to be above 5,000 rpms and over 89% throttle input before the ECU gives you the extra fuel to go WOT.
  7. I've read it and I have nothing against them and I think their pretty good. I just don't want to spend the money. For a full bolt-on, heads, cam 6.2 on E85. The 95mm should not be a restriction. Now when the truck is paided off and I put some boost to it. Will see it that's a choke point then. But I think the stock rods will be my first worry.
  8. Never mind it's 535 if you didn't already have a LT5 throttle body to send them. I'll pass, it's not and all out race truck.
  9. I can get the LT5 for 196.74 through my father in-law. The soler is 335.00 that 138 i save will go towards a LT2 intake.
  10. I got a EVAP that won't complete so I've been logging to see if it ever finished it's test so I can pass inspection. So if anybody know how to force the test to complete I'm all ears. Just in a first gear pull shifting at 6,276 or something like that. My MAF 43.18 and MAP 94.3
  11. I can tell you what my cammed 6.2 with Air raid JR with modified stock air box and headers does. I'm getting ready to buy a ZR1 95mm throttle body and try my hand in some DIY porting. Will see how it goes.
  12. I'm been think about doing this mod to my truck since I can spin mine up a-little higher with my cam and ported heads. Here is a good video on what needs to be done to make it work with a with our tucks. It's doesn't look all that bad to me.
  13. TSP carries a Flex fuel kit that fits up at the fuel rail. It should be real easy to install. If I didn't already have my wires extended and just need alittle 50 dollar DSX piece I would buy this one. https://www.texas-speed.com/p-8612-smg-silverado-sierra-2014-flex-fuel-kit.aspx
  14. Make sure you don't use those Russell fittings. I had them on my truck and they failed and sprayed fuel all over the ground. Sounded like a shower under my truck when the low side pump primed. And straighten out that OEM fuel line did work for me either. I made my truck run lean at WOT. The other guy in the thread tried to argue with me that 02 sensors didn't show his truck going lean. I didn't feel like arguing then, but O2 sensors aren't accurate for anything but stoich. So he had now way to really know even with HP tuner VCM scanner with out a wideband. I ran the truck right before I put the fuel line on. And it held steady at at .87 to .88 Then I slapped that OEM line I straightened out on and ran the truck again. It idle and cruising speed it was fine but when you put more fuel to it under Power enrichment my wideband jumped up to .91 to .93. So I went straight back home removed the line and went right back out to log. Wideband straight back to .87 to .88. With the straight through Russell fitting I didn't have this problem. But they failed so when I get back to running E85 again I'll just put the 50 dollar straight through DSX fitting. I really liked E85 on my L86 that was stock except unlocking E85 and some trans tuning. Then I had it on E85 just cam and heads and that was even better. Then the fitting failed before I put the full bolt-ons with cam and heads. I plan to use the DSX fitting in the next week or two.
  15. Well I'm going too stick with a XR1. The 12909 is no louder than a stock muffler. It's just a-little deeper. When you add headers and no cats it gets much louder. I can get the XR1 in the round 15"x5" round case. And from reading comments on YouTube the round XR1 is suppose to be less raspy. The 12909 is a 22" body and if I go down to a 15" body on a XR1 I should pick up the little bit of sound I want.
  16. I watched some videos of the Atak and it sounds nice. But I'm looking to just swap mufflers since I already have 3.5" pipes.
  17. Just like the title says will it drone. I have a magnaflow 12909 now on my cammed L86 with full bolt-ons with headers no cats. And want a tad more bark, this muffler really tones down the cam at idle. And WOT it seem a-little to raspy. Almost tin can sounding. The wife drives a Scat pack 6.4 with muffler delete and dynomax bullets in thier place. Anything I could do to get my truck to sound closer to her car would be great. Because that thing is music to my hears LOL. I had a 12909 on my last 2008 6.2 and liked it but this Direct engine sounds a-little different. I pull a wakeboard boat all summer, so I need to keep the drone to a minimal for my families sake.
  18. I was the same way at first when I got my cam. Plus my truck is my DD so I needed it up and running ASAP once rebuild it after I stuck a lifter. I did just a cam first then added headers, intake and wideband later once got more funds to play with the truck. By then I learned enough to do all the changes for the new mods by flowing Goat Rope and what I learned from the HP tuner forum. She runs great now.
  19. Had the same thing on my L86 at 125K miles. Miss on number 7 it was a bad lifter. Now I have a stage 2 TSP cam and DOD delete because of it. I also had a miss on #5 at 115K miles. That was a broken valve spring but It didn't drop the valve so it was a cheap and easy fix. Don't drive it anymore and pull the valve cover off of the drivers side NOW. It's easy to do. Lets know if you have any questions about it.
  20. Very nice. If you want to learn HP tuners for your self just so you can log and know what your looking at and poke around in the tune. Go look up Goat Rope Garage and watch all his tuning 101 video's. He is very specific to the GEN V platform. https://www.youtube.com/c/GoatRopeGarage/featured
  21. I guess I got under your skin. See it's not very fun. Have a good day and enjoy your truck!!!!!
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