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  1. Hi Swoley, So I got the cover on and am please with the look and fit. The latch works as I had expected except that it is not keyed the same as my truck key. The people at the place I ordered this through claimed that they have had nothing but trouble with the locks keyed the same as your ignition. I would recommend the cover and do no regret my decision. There was a minor imperfection that was pointed out to me and they gave me the choice to wait and have a new one sent or get a credit. I chose the 400CAD credit over waiting for a new one as you have to squint and look at it at the right angle to see the imperfection. I tried to take a picture of it but you can't tell in the photo. I took some quick pictures at work but unfortunately the glare from the sun highlighted the dusty truck more than the cover. I will try to get some better ones at a later date. If you have anything else you would like to know just ask. Cheers,
  2. Hey OP, I was recently in the same position as you. I decided on the Undercover Elite LX as it is lighter and easier to remove than the painted fiberglass covers. I chose the hard over the 3 piece or soft roll up because I like the look better and don't need the flexibility of the others. The only things I put in the bed regularly are my golf clubs and hockey gear which will fit under the cover. I am currently looking at roof racks for my surf boards but that's another thread. The sales guy did say that the fiberglass is more secure than the plastic but that wasn't a huge concern for me. I would have liked the wireless unlocking function available on the ARE but for the added cost it wasn't worth it to me. I should have my new cover on next week and will give you a review and post some pics. Cheers, PS first post!

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