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  1. Gauge swap

    Thanks! I’ll order the bulbs and get them installed. Was just trying to take the easy approach and swap them.
  2. Hey all! My name is Stephan, and I’m a Chevyholic! I am on my 2nd Silverado, and l’m loving every minute of it. Ijust got an 04 Z71 that’s super clean with 240k on the odometer. I’m working on fixing a few things, but that’s half the fun of owning a vehicle over 10 years old, am I right? I’ve ordered new headlights (the current ones are cloudy and one has a hole in it!). Need to get the plastic part that hold the window and door lock controls on the drivers side. Also need to replace the buttons installed in the steering wheel. Oh, and have a 20” Cree LED Light bar coming as well. Thanks all!
  3. Hey all! New member here. I have a 2003 Silverado with 215k, the lights in the gauge cluster were replaced a few years back. I recently picked up an 04 Z71 with 240k, but it’s hard to read what gear I’m in. I tried swapping the gauges cluster, but when I put the 03 one in the 04, it shows the mileage from the 03! Is there something I’m missing or will it not work that way?

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