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  1. That is a sharp looking vehicle. Thanks for the additional information and I'll def look into CST. What tires are you running as they look more on the aggressive side?
  2. Thanks. I found a 2014 which was purchased by original owner in November of 2013. It only had 40k miles on it. Now I don't expect to be doing a lot of driving offroad but when i was just browsing through videos or maybe this site, I saw or watched someone mention that AT tires could give you problems on wet grass or a little bit of mud which didn't make sense to me hence my questions. I was saw the Defenders and others mentioned in this thread but wasn't sure if sticking to my stock wheel size is the way to go or look at something a little bigger. I think maybe stick with AT for the next set and see how they go before jumping up to the hybrids like the Nitto Ridge Grapplers and the like. So just for my information, the standard tires are 275/55/20 but what is other sizes would fit without doing a lift/leveling kit that wouldn't rub when cutting the wheel? Per your comment and others, I do want to get good MPG's. I see the avg MPG on the screen and see it as a challenge. Again thanks for the help.
  3. So I live in Virginia and get all 4 seasons. From what you have said in the rest of your post, I guess going with AT tire would be my best bet as majority of driving will be on paved roads and highways. I wasn't sure if going with the hybrid tire with the more aggressive look could be done in the stock tire size if that makes sense. Everything I have seen so far has been on lifted trucks but I guess going through this learning process is half the fun. Thanks
  4. Sorry for the noob question but that's what I am with trucks. I just purchased a new to me low mileage '14 Silverado LTZ Crew (275/55/R20). I've wanted a truck for 15 years and finally pulled the trigger. I brought the truck by my mechanic which is a friend of mine and he mentioned that the tires have a year left in them. Side note I wish I negotiated better and asked for new tires. After that bit of news, I've started doing some research. After reading the past four pages, I'm wondering what is the largest sized tire i can switch to without having to do a lift that and that won't rub? Again, I'm brand new to the truck world. Would you stick with A/T vs the Hybrid R/T? Thanks in advance.
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