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  1. Transformation in progress. 1991 Chevy C70 Kodiak C7H042 6.6L 403 CUI Diesel


    CHevy Kodiak.jpg





  2. Okay, that is great to hear. Although I still don't know what your initial issue was. I don't understand your writing. -Matt
  3. I wish I could answer that. Do you know what the filter is located under the drivers side steps?
  4. Are you saying that you are stuck on a log in a see saw type way? I would suggest digging that log out enough to put a chain around it then yank it out with a winch or another vehicle.
  5. I just bought a 1991 Chevy C70 Kodiak C7H042 6.6L 403 CUI Diesel in amazingly great condition. I am now the 3rd owner of this dump truck. The first owner took great care of the vehicle, everything thing appears to be well maintained and no shade tree work. All the parts, wiring and accessories appear to be original and well maintained. However, the second owner bought this truck and never used it. It has sat in a field for about four years. To get to the point, I completely serviced the truck and replaced the batteries, checked the fuses, grounds, relays and I have absolutely no power to the t
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