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  1. I gotta give credit where credit is due. I reached out to pgamboa and explained to him that I had DL3 mirrors and wanted the DQS tow mirrors with full factory functionality. I wanted everything OEM. He answered all my questions and shipped out 2 of his built door harnesses and 2 brand new DQS mirrors right to my door. Install was a breeze, took 2 hours and everything fit exactly where it is supposed to be. Everything is truly as easy as plug and play with pgamboa. Definitely one of my favorite mods so far, more to come. Just wanted to say thanks to pgamboa and reassure anyone considering going this route to go ahead and trust the mirror god on this forum haha. Thanks again! Also, if anyone is swapping to DL3 mirrors, i now have them for sale, PM me if interested.
  2. My Samsung Galaxy s8 wireless charges in a magpul case. I did have to take the rubber mat out of the charger, rotate it 180 degrees, cut the alignment nub off the rubber mat, and put it back in for it to work. Took about 5 minutes and is a great feature that I use every day. Keeps the console area clean and free of wires which I like. Note on the fitment of the phone into the pad, it fits completely perfect with no wiggle room side to side and some room to go forward and back. I keep mine in the all the way back position and that works for me. The case is a good one for the phone too as far as drops and grip etc. Just my $0.02
  3. damn thats not good. Is there anything that can be done to keep v4 mode and make the truck sound better?
  4. nothing better than a clear black truck. Dads got a 15 Duramax that needs some correction
  5. I can wax it myself but its hard to find the time on the weekends with my work schedule. I dont have a garage so that doesn't help being in Florida especially over the summer. I just got a quote for $400 with no paint correction and a polish. I'd prefer a pro do it at least the first time so it gets a solid base and a good clean
  6. Thinking about doing an intake, exhaust, and tune to my new-to-me 2017 Sierra 1500 5.3L 8 speed. I miss the throttle response my 2013 6.2L had, it would lurch forward at the slightest tap of the gas. I also want to hear the engine, its so quiet! Cold air intakes seem to be disputed for having any performance gains, so are they really worth the $$$ in terms of better air flow? healthier engine? sound? any words of wisdom? Your $0.02 is always appreciated! I'm looking at the Magnaflow 15267 catback as it seems to sound pretty good for what I'm going for. I've read that there is a flap in the factory exhaust system that creates back pressure for AFM shift into V4 mode. I do like V4 mode and would not want to go away with it. How can a catback system integrate this feature? Also, what would be the rough performance improvements if any from a catback exhaust? Any other options that would sound similar and perform better/keep V4 mode for around the same price as Mgnaflow (~$800)? As for the tune, I know ZERO about tuning but do want to get rid of the rev limiter, speed limiter, get some performance gains without having to put midgrade or premium fuel in. How does the tuning process work? about how much do they cost? how can it be adjusted in the future? I assume anything like this would void some sort of warranty? Anyone do something similar and can attest to their experience with an intake, tune, exhaust?
  7. Hi everyone, I'm new here, apologize for any posting errors in advance. Just picked up a CPO 2017 Sierra 1500 earlier this month after trading in my 2013 1500. Paint is in very good condition as it only had 12,xxx miles when I bought it so looks like the miles were gentle. I want t keep it looking as good as it does now and I keep seeing posts on social media about ceramic coatings. I really know nothing about it so wanted to hear from those who do. How long does it last, how do you wash it once applied, about what should I pay for a service like that, does the surface feel like there is wax on it or does it feel like bare metal? Any other info would be greatly appreciated!
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