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  1. Why are so many people with 2019+ GM doing a muffler delete instead of installing a new muffler? Am I missing something lol? Or is it just people going a cheaper route?
  2. How have the factory control arms held up? Also, how much of a difference was the height from front to back without adding the 1" rear block?
  3. What leveling kits are you guys running? On my 2016, I just ran the 2.5 Motofab for the front with the RC Upper Control Arms. My problem is, I can’t seem to find control arms for 2020s without being 3” or higher. Curious on y'alls setups. I’m going to end up running 33s (A/T’s) on 22s.
  4. Has anyone used the Range Device for the DFM? Just want to get feedback before I decide to order one.
  5. My plan is to just replace the muffler with a Corsa muffler a local shop sales. Either that, Borla, or back to Carven like I had on my 16. I'm going to get rid of the flapper valve and I THINK just have all new piping ran from the muffler back to corsa style tips so I can get rid of the mesh screens without having to try and cover them. I'm hoping the drone wont be to bad, I've just read where the screens take away from some of the actual exhaust sound.
  6. Has anyone put on the universal Corsa muffler that Aces Performance offers at their shop?
  7. What’s up guys and gals. I removed the front mud flaps and installed the color matched caps from SharpTruck website. It shows on the website under the description that they will not fit rear flap holes. Is there truth to this? If so, how in the hell are you supposed to get rid of them without paying $130 for the fender kit to cover them lol
  8. Oh yeah I know different mufflers will determine different drone and stuff. On my 16, I swapped to Carven and obviously could tell when it dropped but it wasn’t TO bad.
  9. Wanting to do a new muffler for the truck with new piping from muffler exit to tips. Thinking about the Corsa muffler that Aces Performance offers. Anybody got info on the drone with the AFM in the new trucks? Don’t matter what exhaust you have, just wondering if it’s to much to handle or just hold off and delete AFM first.
  10. Anybody running leveling kits on their 19 or 20? Just got my 2020 RST, trying to see what I wanna do now that I’m not going to drop it. Pics and what y’all running lift wise? I ran just the basic 2” motofab on my 16.
  11. Preciate it man. I’ll look at it on the site.
  12. Yeah I figured so. It threw me off for a second lol. Do you have the part number to which kit you exactly bought? Assuming ya got it from suspension superstore?
  13. Yeah I hear ya. Are you running low pros? And yeah I don’t ever pull a trailer or anything with mine so I don’t really need bags. Just don’t know which route to go, also looking at Reklez here in Houston and Beltech.
  14. I’ve also looked at Beltech and Reklez as well. Just trying to figure out the best kit overall. I don’t ever tow with mine so not to worried about bags. Man I just don’t know. Truck definitely looks good though.
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