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  1. Preciate it man. I’ll look at it on the site.
  2. Yeah I figured so. It threw me off for a second lol. Do you have the part number to which kit you exactly bought? Assuming ya got it from suspension superstore?
  3. Yeah I hear ya. Are you running low pros? And yeah I don’t ever pull a trailer or anything with mine so I don’t really need bags. Just don’t know which route to go, also looking at Reklez here in Houston and Beltech.
  4. I’ve also looked at Beltech and Reklez as well. Just trying to figure out the best kit overall. I don’t ever tow with mine so not to worried about bags. Man I just don’t know. Truck definitely looks good though.
  5. Truck looks good man. Is the back end still about 1/2” higher or is it pretty even? I’ve never dropped a personal daily of mine, but always been my style. I looked at MCG but read some back and forth reviews on it.
  6. Anybody on here ran the 3/5 kit from IHC? It’s coming down to the nitty gritty on choosing my drop. I’ve heard a shit ton of good reviews on them since fixing the turn radius issue a while back.
  7. I’m in Houston actually. For the wrap I have a guy who’s going to do it, he does trailers and race cars so I know he will do good work. As far as the powder coating, I’m trying to decide if I’m going to do a gloss black or like a gun metal type color. Not sure I like these stock 20s in black.
  8. If and when I have them wrapped, I’m taking it to a guy I know who does trailers and race cars for a living so I know it will be done right.
  9. Oh yeah i would definitely find the right shop. Not gonna go the cheap route. I just have a 16 black Silverado and going to end up murdering it out.
  10. What’s up guys. Just seeing who has gotten their rims powder coated after being on the truck for a while and how it looks/lasted. I have a few spots on my 20s that will not come off but plan on getting them powder coated anyways. Also, just wanted to see and get reviews from anybody who has done a wrap for their bumpers/grill. Thinking that’s the route I’m going to go.
  11. Different parts do, but where I live we don’t have to do emissions. But it’s just a preference to put the catted Y on.
  12. Hmmm guess it comes out around the same then. I’ll just order the catted Y that TSP has on their site and just have my tuner or exhaust shop install it.
  13. You know anybody who runs the TSP catted y? I’d like to stick with TSP since I’m running the heads, but I haven’t looked into other brands of cats yet to see prices. TSP wants like $350 or so.
  14. haha no thanks. those are loud and raspy enough without heads
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