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  1. I just had a service loaner Chevy 1500 LT for 4 days - a complete clone of my truck, down to the color. The steering felt significantly stiffer in the loaner vehicle. Is there any way to increase/decrease the stiffness of the power steering in this vehicle? I'd like it to be a bit stiffer - it feels a bit to easy to turn the wheel. My '15 Mustang and even my old '06 VW Jetta had a way to adjust this. The Mustang can be adjusted through the Driver steering wheel controls, and the old VW could be adjusted through a software change via the ODBII port.
  2. Used the harness to connect 8 pickup bed lights and tied in two Nilight LED driving lights under the rear bumper. Harness worked great. I had to modify the ends and crimp on butt-splice connectors, but everything worked the first time. The harness is directly tied to the cargo light switch on the dashboard. https://www.nilight.com/collections/led-light-bar/products/nilight-2pcs-30w-super-slim-8-spot-led-light-bar-off-road-led-lights-driving-lights-for-jeep-cabin-boat-suv-truck-vehicles-atvs?variant=25013218121
  3. In stock at my local dealer (Henna) - 35.00. Easy enough. Thanks All!
  4. Good Morning All - I am looking to make a custom harness this weekend and tie in some bed lights and rear flood lights on my new 2018 Silverado. I bought the parts that ETEXEMT posted in order to make the custom harness, but I am not sure which pins I should connect the Neg and Pos wires to. Here is my unwired 6-pin harness Plug: https://photos.google.com/share/AF1QipOUwj3PddhnbBE3JXK0QARIIroGroJV4YlVEnT1VsLsERV5xS2Hj7V9JR1jLYEZLw?key=THNtOXg4Q3FCQ21IeXZhUjR4LWNFY0Jld3ZzNFlB Here is the DIY on an 8 pin plug from CBRSILV15 Thanks to both CBRSILV15 and ETEXEMT for their posts on this - Rob
  5. I bought the connectors, but does anyone have a pinout map? I am not sure which of the 6 ports to connect the pos and neg to. https://photos.app.goo.gl/USELrL4eehsSn1Bt5
  6. This is AWESOME - just was I was looking for. Thanks!
  7. I love the way the Carhart look - might do them on the back row, but I need water resistance for the front, so I'm probably going neoprene
  8. I have searched the forum and could not find an answer to my questions. I am looking for a set of seat covers for my 2018 Silverado LT. It has factory cloth seats. I need a set of covers that cover the existing seats, preferably waterproof. I'll go into how I use my truck, as that's probably the best way to describe the features I need. My truck spends most of the week sitting - it's mostly a weekend vehicle. Primary usage on the weekend includes a 3 hour run to the Gulf Coast for a couple days. Two labs ride with us in the back on the floor. They shed like nobody's business, so there's always a ton of yellow hair that needs to be vacuumed, and it gets all over the seats. The hair swirls around a bit when the windows are down. Down on the coast, I tow a 19 foot bay boat most weekends, and often have to climb back into the cab with we legs/feet. The bays are salt water, so I have to be careful not to get it into the seats. If I get bay water on the seats or the floor carpeting, it's sure to stink when truck sits in 90 degree heat. Occasionally it sees use in the fields if I'm lucky enough to get out and do some hunting/camping. I also work a good bit on cars and may bring grease back into the truck on my clothes. Lastly, my home base is Austin, so it's gonna see its fare share of BBQ, and the inevitable dropped piece of brisket or a rib. Given this use, what covers would you recommend? Thanks in Advance - Rob
  9. New to this forum, but a 20+ year truck owner. I've had 2 Dodges, 1 Chevy, and 1 Ford. I just picked up my second (current) Chevy 5 days ago. It's a former dealer courtesy truck - 1500 SLT Texas Edition with 3000 miles on it. Coming from my trade-in, a Dodge 2500 Cummins SLT, the 1500 is just as I remember my old 2000 Chevy 1500, but better. The ride is just amazing. I took it on a 3.5 hour run from Central Texas to Rockport on the Gulf Coast this weekend., and then back again. We have a lot of roads with 75 and even 85 mph speed limits, and the truck was just smooth as could be at speed. I was even able to push it up to 100 in some spots - no problem other than the governor. Transmission does seem a bit rough occasionally, but under normal conditions, shifts very smooth. Seats are very comfortable. The room in the cabin is fantastic - really important to me as a 6'4" guy. I get to test towing next week with my 1800 lb boat - don't expect anything unusual. Technology in the cabin is still a little quirky with Android Auto - primarily around the GM voice assistant. Minor criticism though. Very happy with the purchase even if it's only 5 or 600 miles. The dogs love the room in the back with the flat floor. Like others have said - if you know the owner and that the vehicle has been taken care of - get it. You won't regret it. I'm betting my old 2500 rides a lot like your Jeep, and it can be tiring on longer drives.
  10. Good Looking Truck! Which levelling kit did you choose? DIY, or did you take it in? Thanks!
  11. Mikeb52r - which level kit did you select? DIY or shop? Thanks!
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