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  1. My hunch is that your stumbling issue is a combo of the engine hunting between 4 cylinder and 8 cylinder operation along with a crappy 8 speed transmission. I ended up driving my 2016 Yukon Denali in "tow mode" all of the time to improve the transmission shift points and it worked pretty well. Recently I swapped out the vehicle in to a 2018 Yukon Denali with the 10 speed and the improvement is astounding. the driving experience went from barely tolerable to fantastic!
  2. New Personal Best - 2015 Sierra 6.2

    I'm curious as to your launch technique. Di you use 4WD auto? 2WD? Traction control on or off? I've only given my new Yukon Denali one hard launch from dead stop in the 3 months I've owned it and did it in 4WD auto with traction control "off". I should have switched to 2WD after initial launch but forgot and rode it in 4WD to a 1/4 or so. With TC off I did get some wheel spin on all 4 off the line, then a solid hook.
  3. There has to be a fix to this issue as my 2016 Yukon laid flat from day one - never an issue. I'd search for a manufacturing misalignment or perhaps the mis-installed bolt mentioned above.
  4. post removed

    Steve - I could be interested in participating. I previously leased a 2016 Yukon Denali and just took delivery of a 2019 Yukon Denali. My 2016 was the best vehicle I'd ever had: Reliable, comfortable, reasonably powerful and I could pack a lot of weekend gear in it! I had to special order it as I wanted the second row bench seat - Not many Denali's with a bench seat around. When I had to turn it in on the lease i decided to replace it with something even better! My 2019 Yukon Denali has all of the options that my 2016 had (including the second row bench seat) but I also added the optional Brembo front brake calipers & rotors and specified the Callaway RPO. The Brembo calipers are great and the Callaway option gives the vehicle a whole new level of power and responsiveness. I do feel that GM is missing the boat with the large SUV line up though... Building a greater diversity of models off the platform could attract many more customers that are buying other brands: 1) Ultimate performance package (not just paint and badges) with Callaway or Lingenfelter engine options, console shifter, drive mode options, exhaust, brakes, etc. 2) Luxury option. 3) Hauler option (as stated by MT Elk Hunter). 4) ECO option.
  5. 2019 front caliper swap?

    The Brembo front calipers aren't standard equipment. They are included with the Tahoe RST model and the similar GMC model. I ordered a Denali and added the Brembo for $2,995. They look nice and work better than the OEM front brakes I had on my 2016 Denali (where I got 16,000 miles out of my pads).
  6. 6.2 tuned 0-60

    Ha - Just tried that on my first WOT launch of my new 2019 Yukon Denali. With TC off and drive mode in auto I got moderate 4 wheel spin right off the line, closely followed by a solid hook-up. Definitely the way to launch.
  7. Huh... neat...

    GM already does offer a performance kit - There's an RPO number to order the Callaway supercharger / performance upgrade. Fully GM supported and factory warranty applies.
  8. My 2016 Yukon Denali had random issues such as shifting to "neutral' during some part-throttle shifts, slow to engage from start-up, slipping etc, but when I got rid of it in the fall 2018 I was experiencing torque converter shudder. My 2019 with the 10 speed is a huge improvement.
  9. 2019 front caliper swap?

    I ordered the Brembo front calipers on my 2019 and they are great. As far as I know they are the same as 2018 for mounting purposes.
  10. The 2016 model year still had the seats that were actually "cooled", later years were simply "vented". is your seat bottom not blowing anything? if so, I'd check the blower motor exit which is on the back of the seat. if it's still blowing something then you may have the line disconnected underneath your seat.
  11. I've developed a habit to always click the "tow/haul" mode at engine start. Some of what you are describing will be less evident with tow/haul activated. My opinion is that the truck will drive better overall and feel more responsive.
  12. Denali cluster in SLT

    Yes, thank you for your concern. Somehow a response I was posting to a topic ended up on this one.
  13. Denali cluster in SLT

    Yep - Just fine.
  14. Web Site change?

    What ever happened in the last few days to this website totally sucks. Somebody who thought they were smart hired somebody who thought they were smarter and they created a mess. Please dump the change and revert to what actually worked very well.
  15. Denali cluster in SLT

    Something changed on this website in the last couple days and something is not right.

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