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  1. Picked it up today... Cam, lifters and I think lifter bores.. can't read the scribbled notes.. waiting for the hard copy .... $4000 worth of repairs. I will say it sounds quiter than I remember.
  2. First change was when I brought it home.. it was a left over 16... next change at 500 miles.. others were before computer said to
  3. I had hoped by not letting it go into 4 mode I wouldn't have this problem. If I get mine back correctly reassembled... I will plug the Range in before I leave the dealer... Catch will go back on after I get it home
  4. Makes me feel better.... since they have the top half of my less the 20K mile engine apart.. last time I saw the truck they had the front wheels off and were heading in through the inner fenders I have a 97 with over 300K ... so far it's been a trooper
  5. Using the McNally catch can and venting both sides.. had considered updating to the Gen2
  6. New here, I have a 2016 Sierra and installed the Range when I picked up the truck with only 5 miles on it.... has been on it since... at 19800 miles started making a racket.. it's at the dealer to repair the AFM lifters and whatever else is broken inside there. Had a catch can too but removed it before taking it in.
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