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  1. Hi All I have the 03 Yukon 5.3 with the Edelbrock SDT (center/dual) muffler installed by the provious owner. The muffler is ok when cruising slowly, but on the highways, when driving over 55 mph, it's unbearable. The noise (drone) is very loud and my wife and kids complain a lot [emoji4] Usually I drive around 75-90 mph on highways, so up to the max speed allowed in Poland (140km/h). I want to repace it with something more silent when driving on highways. I have selected two options, both Magnaflow - as I see, they should be a bit less noisy than Flowmasters, and the sound itself is better IMO. I think I'll pick the 12288 one, but the seller told me, that he'll also have the 12388 soon. The question for you Guys is, if anyone has one of these mufflers above and could share the loudness experience? Is the drone in the cabit very loud? Thank you Wysłane z mojego MI 6 przy użyciu Tapatalka
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