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  1. I did not, I was actually in the market for a used Yukon or Tahoe in the mid 40's and got talked into a new 2018 Sierra for a few thousand more. 2019 models were a little outside my budget.
  2. Thanks for the welcome and notes. Looks like there are good reasons to keep it an SLT for some buyers, that's good to know for the future. I do like the wheels and the power running boards, other than that, SLT would be good. I'll keep updating you all on the progress. So-far-so-good/meh but there's definitely potential with this truck. The trailer is a 2006 25' Safari for those wondering. Just got it and am working on fixing some minor things before I take it out next month, I also need to figure out how to remove the pot smell since this was apparently used as a hotbox regularly (any tips?).
  3. Hi all, I haven't had a truck in about 20 years so I was excited to pull the trigger on a tow vehicle for our trailer. I'm still in the break in period so I get that I haven't undergone the full experience with the truck, but, already I can tell you there are some things that I love, and other things I hope will either get better or will be a huge inconvenience for the duration of my ownership. Some info: Currently have about 450 miles on the ODO, haven't gone faster than 75mph, I towed at around 200 miles to move my trailer about 30 miles keeping things very easy on the truck. I've been both light on the pedal and medium on the pedal to test out my assumptions (truck pre tow and post tow did not show any change in the drivability) Package is 2018 Denali Ultimate, great incentives from the dealership to get rid of these in the high 40's instead of 60's. I didn't put 93 octane at the last fill (I actually didn't realize it needed it until I read the manual). Love: Has a great stance, looks great from all angles and a great look/feel of the inside as well. CarPlay Integration works pretty well. Can tow 9100lbs way more than enough for a GVWR trailer of 7300. Magna shocks or whatever they're called, great when you are going 40mph+, very cadillac-esc. Denali Ultimate is a great blend of style and substance. Hate: 8 Speed Transmission, very similar to other complaints it seems like it is built for economy and not for power. In my short tow trip I thought it shifted very poorly. Fish-bite or bog or whatever it's called, seems like you have to press 1/2 or 3/4 throttle to have it find it's gear and take off or drive in tow/haul Rolling stop or "California roll' = transmission clunk almost every time when you press the accelerator. Push button start - How can you have remote start and not have a push button start? No vents for my kids in the back seat. Is this even a 6.2L? Doesn't feel like it. Pic included
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