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  1. Fuel fill problem

    This is my fuel fill hose. I’m guessing the vent line is the small hose on top of the fuel fill hose.
  2. Fuel fill problem

    Yeah I found it. Also they have 2 smaller lines that run in line with my fuel fill hose. 1 has a piece of tubing that connects to the fuel fill hose. What are these smaller lines ?
  3. Fuel fill problem

    No I live in southeast Louisiana
  4. Fuel fill problem

    Is the evap canister located in front the fuel tank
  5. Fuel fill problem

    I figured out what the smaller hose was it runs to the rear axle. I fixed it
  6. Fuel fill problem

    I think its smaller than that.
  7. Fuel fill problem

    Ok I stopped to fuel up today and when I took the fuel cap off there was no air escaping from the tank. Also the other day I notice a hose the was cut in half under my truck. Where does that vent line run ?
  8. Fuel fill problem

    Thanks I will check it out sefiroxx. riverbanks I never really noticed if it did or not. I'll have to pay attention next time i fuel up.
  9. Every time i fuel up I have a problem at the pumps. The nozzle shuts off when I am pumping and it takes forever to fuel up. What could be the problem?

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