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  1. Just found out something else is not working.... the memory seat is not working. I adjust everything, i press set then press 1. And then i move my seat in a different position to see if it will work by holding number 1, and nothing. Just stays in the position i moved it too. Ive also tried the same for setting 2. Does the module under the seat control the memory seat and the heated/vented switch? Just fyi... i have gone into the setting on the radio to have auto recall on and still doesnt move into postioon after setting it up. Any help will be grateful. Thanks
  2. Anyone else have any idea?
  3. I havent taken out the bezel to check if there is power behind the switch. But, everything in the truck works. Only thing not powering on are the driver and pass switch. Ill check that fuse(34) but ac and display all work.
  4. Hows it going guys! I have a 2017 sierra denali that was crashed and i rebuilt little by little. The last piece to the puzzle is pretty much just her the heated/vent switch to turn on, so i can check if my seats work(hot/cool). I have check the fuses on 43/44 that the fuses claims are the two seats. Both are good. When i try to push the switch/button to turn on the heat or vent they just dont turn red or blue. Like if there isnt any power to them. I dont know what other fuses i might need to check but maybe yall can help me out. Any information would be grateful! Thank you!

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