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  1. True; sorry about the delay; haven't been on here in a bit now. Good luck and happy trucking with the new tires.
  2. 2019 Chevrolet Colorado. Why does the radio sometimes come on at moderate volume level at startup EVEN THOUGH it’s either OFF or at a LOW volume when I shut off the truck!? Seems to be intermittent and I can’t find any settings except for MAXIMUM radio start up volume, which SHOULD MEAN that if the radio is on LOUDER than that upon shut down, that that'd be the MAXIMUM it would turn back ON at… NOT the other way around (not such that if the radio is OFF, it'll automatically come ON at the selected volume). Anyone else have this issue, or know how to fix it? Thank you very much. Very annoying. ARGH.
  3. Thank you very much! They are just 'ok'. Look great; but not good when roads are wet, however slight. I've learned to adjust my driving when turning when wet out; they slip otherwise, but may be the nature of M/S tires anyway. Thanks again!
  4. Hi everyone, Hope all is well. I have a 2019 Colorado. Anyone have any inverter recommendations, so I can have a 110v power outlet by plugging into the cigarette lighter sockets or USB port? Anywhere else I can make the connection? Anywhere in the bed or by the trailer wiring work? Sucks our trucks don’t have 110v power outlets! Also, where are all of our USB ports and cigarette lighter sockets? Only the two ports and one socket lower center dash? ALTERNATIVELY: Anyone know of any USB powered leaf blowers that can do 140 mph / 500+ CFM? Thank you very much and happy trucking!
  5. Hi all, Taken off a brand new 2019 Chevrolet Colorado Crew Cab Short Box at 5 Miles: Air Intake Assembly - GM (84100383) MSRP: $210.93 / Sale Price: $100 ASM-Exhaust / Muffler & Pipe - GM (84220294) MSRP: $1,134.75 / Sale Price: $550 $600 for both Fits 2015 - 2019 Chevrolet Colorados and GMC Canyons Nassau County, Long Island, New York near JFK Airport. Thanks!
  6. 2019 ZR2. Owners manual shows what I'm seeing in settings. Would like for all doors to open upon opening [a locked] driver's door. Only option seeing is for all doors to open upon shifting into Park; which makes no sense, safety-wise.
  7. Hi everyone, 2019 Colorado here. Anyone else having problems with infotainment? My screen goes black and then goes through a very long ‘reboot’ process. Something’s not right. Shouldn’t go black / automatically reboot randomly. Happened 4-5 times in 2-3 weeks. Any insight on this? Thanks.
  8. Thanks, but I did go to settings. I don't see anything, unfortunately. There is something that automatically unlocks the doors upon shifting to Park, but I don't want that, as I don't want to Park and then automatically have the doors unlock. Would like for them to all unlock upon my opening of the driver's door, however. Can you please assist? Thank you very much!
  9. Those look great, Enthusiast! Thanks so much for posting, as well as the detailed install info! Such a great help you are! Cheers!
  10. Hi everyone, Is there a setting to automatically unlock all doors upon opening of the driver's door? It's annoying to open the driver's door, go to the rear door, but for it to be locked. Note I do not want to have all doors unlock upon shifting to Park (for safety). Thanks!
  11. Hi Taj, Any update on your matter? Please advise. Thanks.
  12. After two weeks, quickly realizing rock sliders are a no go. Would like to go with something as OEM looking as possible. I like the 5-Inch Rectangular Assist Steps (Part No. 84157156): https://accessories.chevrolet.com/product/2018/Chevrolet/Colorado/crew-cab-5-inch-rectangular-assist-steps-in-black-84157156?categoryId=12062 But at $650, or $490 found elsewhere, a bit steep, no pun intended. Anyone have any Running Board / Assist Step Recommendations? And is installation DIY? Any particular tools needed? Thanks!
  13. Had my rear lamp lenses smoked with tinted clear coat, but they didn’t come out dark enough. Before I go darker, however, I’d like to up the brightness of the rear bulbs. Picked up Sylvania 7443 ZEVO LED Bulbs: https://www.oreillyauto.com/detail/b/zevo-5029/accessories-16449/accessories---exterior-16767/exterior-lighting-16612/led-replacement-bulbs-20874/e6ac682cd82e/sylvania-7443-high-performance-white-zevo-led-mini-bulb-pack-of-2/7443ledbp2/4743393?pos=1 But when installed into the lamps, they weren’t any brighter than stock!? Anyone have any suggestions on what bulbs I should use behind a tinted rear lamps? Thank you.
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