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  1. Hi Yes I am new to this site not sure about but can't hurt !!! I recently purchased a 1999 Chevy S10 pick up 2.2 5spd with extended cab, when I bought this the oil gauge was and is buried at the highest level,and stays this way once in a while on start it will drop over to 0 almost and then returns to max , I drove it home the guy said oil sensor needs replaced so I park it in garage and there is no stereo or speakers so I reach out to my friends and colleagues who owns his business sends a technician over has him do a install , that night I go out to make sure it's locked up and the stereo is lit up won't turn off I call the guy returns works on it for a few minutes comes in says well I disconnected the system and I will have my boss come out to follow up with you and leaves well the next day go start it up going to take it to get the oil sensor done start down the road and I have no speedometer or RPM gauges I get it back home and cancel the work order reschedule it for this afternoon when I find that actually I have no clusters at all my temp gauge rises and is stuck my gas is stuck at full battery is all are in the high range I've check all my fuses replaced anything bad and top it off I've done complete tune-up as for oil change radiator flush and IT RUNS PERFECT HELP ANY IDEAS COULD JUST ONE SENSOR CAUSE THE COMPLETE CLUSTER TO GO OUT ? DID THIS HAVE ANYTHING TO DO WITH THE STEREO INSTALL

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