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  1. So I swapped out my factory DRL boards on my 2015 Sierra Denali 2500 with some Profile Pixel RGB switchback DRL boards from the Retrofit Source. I am having a little trouble with the wiring and TRS has been no help. The installation guide that they provide is very vague and and doesn't mention anything about a little circuit board that comes with the kit. I have messaged TRS 3 times and never heard anything back. I am hoping someone here can help me out. So, apparently this little circuit board replaces the metal computer looking thing on the back of the housing. At least that's what i'm assuming, as it plugs right in and doesn't fit anywhere else. I am thinking they added it to the kit to eliminate cutting and splicing into the factory wires but never updated their instructions? or maybe they no longer use it and I got an old kit? I don't really know. Then on top of that, there are also no instructions for the XBT controller that comes with the kit. It looks fairly simple though. It has 4 plugs (channels) that are used for the RGB DRL boards (or other options if needed) and then there is a positive and a negative wire. That's it. If I connect the positive and negative wires directly to the battery, everything works just the way it should, but then they don't ever turn off. If I connect the positive wire to an accessory, then they only work when the key is on and wont flash or turn on when I lock, unlock, or remote start the truck. Also, they will not flash with my hazards being on unless the key is on. I cant help but feel like i'm missing something silly, but it got late and I threw my junk eBay specials back in and called it quits. I searched this forum and google but could not find anything to help. Has anyone successfully installed this kit, or a similar one and can point me in the right direction? Any and all help is appreciated!!
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