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  1. I recently bought a 2014 Denali with the 5.3 4WD. Is 15MPG normal for this truck? No matter what I do it’s 15MPG. Which seems very low for a 5.3L truck. I had a 2010 Sierra with the 5.3 and I would get 18MPG mix and 22ish in the freeway. And the 5.3 feels way underpowered. The truck does have a leveling kit and 33” Falken Wild peaks. Would that kill the mpg that much? Ive had a 2019 Ram 5.7 Hemi rental for the past few weeks. I am averaging 18 mix and over 20 freeway and this truck has WAY more power than my 5.3.
  2. I'm going to look at a 2014 Denali to day with 125K miles he wants $23K for it. It has had new tires, ball joints, battery and AC condenser installed recently.
  3. The must haves would be CC, SLT/LTZ and 4x4. The 6.2L isn't a must. This is typically my thought a 2014 with the amount of miles would have to be majority highway. Sorry for the long reply I've been traveling and don't like to reply using my phone. This is a good point at 157K miles the assupmtion would be that most issues would have already arisen as far as AC or quirky issues however the AFM lifters mechanicals would be starting to wear. All in all I thank you all for the input but I think I'm going to pass on this one if he was willing to lower the price closer to $20K I would bite but it's a difficult pill to swallow spending mid $20K on a truck with 160K miles. I would rather spend $13K on a GMT900 with the same miles. I do all the work and maintenance on vehicles myself so I'm not too considered with replacing some parts but somethings can get expensive. I'm going to keep a look out for a K series closer to 20K if I don't find one I'll go back to the GMT900 plenty of those out there.
  4. I checked with three dealers here about leasing an 18 and they are all high. They say they don't lease in oklahoma all three quoted me at $800+ a month payments.
  5. Hey guys, I'm considering purchasing a 2014 Denali 6.2 with 157K miles. I'm on a budget of about 25K MAX but I really want a 2014+ Sierra SLT or above. I stumbled upon a 2014 Denali it has 157K miles with the 6.2L it's white/cocoa dune. The truck looks very clean and well taken care of the majority of miles must be highway. I talked the seller down to $22K and it seems to be the cheapest Denali I can find. I've found some SLTs for about the same price. Should there be much of a concern or do these trucks hold up well with high miles? I'm guessing the AFM lifters would be a concern. FWIW I had a 2010 Sierra 5.3 and the lifters took a dump at 150Kish I fixed it then sold the truck due to rust issues and picked up a 2009 Denali I loved that truck but had to sell it when I moved. It also had high miles and had ZERO issues so I didn't know how the next gen holds up. I would consider another GMT900 but I like the look of the newer model so much more. Thanks!
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