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  1. Hi folks, Some time ago my wife asked me what the water stain was on the headliner on the driver's side of the truck. I had never noticed it - who looks up at the headliner after they get in there truck? Anyway, I figured it must be leaking around the clips that hold the "drip rail molding" in place. I bought new clips thinking I'd break the originals when I popped off the molding. I did wonder why the new clips weren't the type to actually push into holes. So, I popped off the molding - BTW, slide the BACK of the molding up about 1/4"-1/2" and pry that end out with a plastic blade FIRST, then slide the entire mold rearward 1/4"-1/2" and pop that end up and off, then work your way back and pop the molding up and off the remaining one or two clips. This is important so as not to bend/kink the molding where it turns down over that back of the roof. The original clips did not break and could have been re-used. I discovered that the roof panel was spot welded to the side panel when the truck was built. This seam was sealed with some caulking that had dried and cracked over the years and this was letting water in onto the headliner. I cleaned out all the dried caulking I could and cleaned up the couple of surface rust spots that were there. Then I ran a thin bead of Lexel sealant ( I think better than caulking or silicone) the full length of that seam. I let it set for 10-15 minutes or so and put on the new clips and popped the molding back on. It should last the life of the truck. https://www.sashco.com/products/lexel/ Cheers, Glenn
  2. Hi guys, I am new here and wish I had found you sooner. Anyway, I have had a nagging water leak on the passenger side for a couple of years. I noticed it after the windshield was replaced, so naturally, thought it wasn't sealed properly. I went to an auto glass shop and watched as they checked the windshield with water and air pressure. No leak found. They suggested it may be leaking through the recirculation door and to set the recirc when parking so that door would seal out the water wherever it was coming from. They also suggested parking nose down where possible. That did seem to work for a while, then the leaking started again. Then I found this post by a google search. GOLDMINE! Sure enough, after taking up the windshield cowl, I found one screw missing and signs of water under the second screw that was referred to. I cleaned up the holes and covered them over with Lexel sealant, which I think is a better option than silicone - https://www.sashco.com/products/lexel/ . The jury's still out, but I am cautiously optimistic. Cheers, Glenn
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