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  1. Mine's off about a half inch to the left after the 3-inch lift on 2019 Silverado rst so this can be fixed the dealer told me it could not be adjusted anymore that it was maxed out
  2. I took it to the dealer the first time and told him I needed my steering recalibrated to straighten the wheel and they didn't do ****ing shit after I paid for it and I took it back to my guy that put it on and he took it up there and they adjusted it just a little and said that's all that they can do I need to find a more mod friendly dealership something about the update for his Snap-on computer wasn't out yet for the truck cuz it was too new the shop that put the lift on so we had 2 take to the dealer brand new truck makes me scratch my head
  3. I got a 2019 Silverado rst Z71 1500 I had a 3in rough country suspension lift put on but highly recommended mechanic and now my steering wheel is off about a half inch and then I took it to the dealership and they told me that it's adjusted all the way in that it can't get any better is this true or is there a way to fix this they said it's something with the electronic steering
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