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  1. Not that I've noticed, no. Coasting to a stop downshifts on it's own and sounds good. I do get the popping every once in a while, almost sounds like small backfire, but I think once the DFM is disabled that might go away...least hoping!
  2. I have been checking Range's site regularly to see if there is any update on the 6.2L/10Spd release and just came across the Pulsar LT tonight. For the 6.2L/10spd, it's the only available option at the moment. Yes, it's a bit on the pricey side, however I do like the ability to adjust top speed and tire size (getting bigger ones in May) in addition to permanently turning off Auto Start/Stop and DFM. Ever since replacing the stock exhaust with the Borla S-Type system, the DFM mode sound drives me nuts. It's so much more pronounced whereas stock I could never tell it was even happening. That function alone is almost worth the price for me. I'll likely purchase one soon.
  3. Sort of what I thought, but I had to ask in case there was some legitimacy to it. Thanks for the feedback!
  4. For those that have had the lift for a while. Any regrets? Ride quality, etc? I've been waiting for the 25% off sale to come around next month (Hopefully) to jump on it. Ironically I ran into a GM tech at a local watering hole recently. He was telling me not to do it as it stretches the brake lines?
  5. That's pretty impressive for a stock truck. I was going to do that this next Summer just to see what it could do, no point now The X31's tap out at 112mph. I think I read somewhere here it's linked to the speed rating of the tires on the different trucks/configurations. I believe the max tow packages do 98mph, the X31's 112mph. My 2018 6.2 was 98mph.
  6. There is and it's been posted in a multitude of places. Is it huge? no, but it's noticeable. I shouldn't been more clear and the reason for my ask. The dual in / dual out has no tips and uses the factory valances...boring. It doesn't appear Borla makes a quad tip setup like the single in / dual out packages to add on to this dual in / dual out package. So I'm weighing the difference between HP/TQ adds between the two packages vs the appearances.
  7. I had the Touring on my 2018 6.2L and I really liked it. I was going to get the S type, however for reasons similar to yours, I went with Touring because I was worried about how it might sound in my neighborhood. Check out this this video to the OP's for a comparison. For my 2019, I'm leaning towards the S type because I wanted that little bit more than I had with the Touring.
  8. I was considering doing this. I went and talked to the local dealer. It's pretty easy according to them. Go to the rewards site, print out the vouchers, bring them in and order your part through the parts department. Depending on how many points you have, the 20% off right now on the accessories.gmc.com site through December 2nd might be a better deal. No you can't combine points and 20% off, I already tried
  9. So if I look at the AFE Momentum GT for my 2019 rig. There are 2 styles. the Pro 5R and the Pro Dry S. The only difference being that the 5R is oiled and the Dry S obviously isn't. Any reason not to go with the oiled version? I ask because that is the only version that Amazon carries and is $74 cheaper than anyone else. AFE sells both for the same price from their website, $462 . On my 2018, I went with the Dry.
  10. For the 2018? No, I put it back on the truck before trading it in.
  11. I had one of those for my 2018 and while nice, the GM performance one comes with a new tune for the truck. Have any links to the dyno results between GM performance intake and the AFE?
  12. Interesting. Thanks for the info. I wonder why, even after I put in my VIN on the accessories.gmc.com site, that both models show up. I did place a call to the local GMC dealer parts, they said they had to reach out to the regional rep to find out. Sounds like it's just a mix up on the site. Least the 2 inch lift is showing up as available now.
  13. Trying to find out what the difference is between the two PN's that GM now has on their site for my 2019 GMC Sierra SLT 6.2L. The first one I've had in my cart for a while, PN 84789804, however there is now another one with no noted differences on the website, it's PN is 84789794. Anyone have any info?
  14. This is basically what I did. I got the AFE that Black Bear tested a couple months back for my 2018 6.2L and really liked it. No dyno proof that it increased anything along side the Borla exhaust other than the seat one ?, but it did seem to also be better on throttle response and added a throaty sound under medium and hard acceleration that I loved. I traded in my 2018 for a 2019 6.2L GMC Sierra SLT and sadly it doesn't fit. GM changed it up under the hood. I'm trying to offload it if anyone is interested.
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