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  1. I'd second the Borla choice and the quad tips. I've had both the Touring and the S-type. I like the S-type because I like having the rumble while driving around which was less noticeable with the Touring. Just be aware that after changing it all out you'll have that DFM sound coming out of the exhaust when it's not in V8 mode. The factory does a great job of hiding it with all the baffles and flapper, but once you swap that out, it may drive you nuts to the point you have to get something like the Pulsar LT. For me, driving through the neighborhood and the truck sounding like a 4 cylinder got old super quick and was almost embarrassing. It sounded like it was not functioning correctly. Ordered the Pulsar two weeks after the exhaust was done and haven't looked back.
  2. I had the Touring in my 2018 6.2L and my 2019 6.2L and while I liked it, I wanted something with a little more output. I decided to try something new and went with the S-type on my 2021 AT4 6.2L and LOVE it! I didn't want something as loud as the ATAK but something with a little more V8 sound than the Touring offered. The S-type is a perfect blend IMO. Every time I give it some pedal it makes me smile.
  3. Nice looking rig. I do like the grill design of this, the AT4 emblem is a nice little touch. The illuminated GMC emblem would look great on that color. Not sure about the fog lights though. Any night shots to show what they look like?
  4. Best place to get a head start on it all and buy an ECM to swap with HP tuners when they come back in stock?
  5. Thanks, I'll check that forum out and probably give Whipple a call instead of email. I had asked them who their best GM truck shop was and somehow was referred to the Subaru place... The place in Spokane was on their list of dealers and when I sent them something, they opened with 'we've done a few of those and it's a involved process'. and proceeded to tell me about the HP tuner swap and apparently have someone who can tune too. I'm trying to avoid the added cost of shipping it around in case something were to go wrong and needed resolving, however I will do that if all else fails.
  6. Sounds like you went through a horrible ordeal, however your point is sound and exactly the way I'd handle it. Appreciate the feedback though
  7. I've been looking around for a shop in the Pacific Northwest to install the Whipple Supercharger along with maybe some long tube headers and a true dual exhaust and maybe do a custom tune on my 2021 6.2 AT4. Also thinking about having new lifters and hardened pushrods done at the same time to alleviate any of the known weak spots, but not sure if I really need that. I reached out to Whipple and they do not have anyone within 250 miles of my location, 40 minutes Southeast of Portland, that they knew of. After some email exchanges with them, they did refer me to a shop up near PDX, but they do exclusively Subaru's . I got on Whipple's site and started plugging in zip codes of major metro areas around Oregon and Washington and found someone in Spokane, EPC Racing. Have had some dialogue with them, but was hoping for someone closer than 6 hours away to do it all. Anyone have any recommendations on shops and the lifters/pushrods idea?
  8. Sorry to dredge up an old thread, but I never really saw an answer to the original question. As I'm considering the same thing, is there any reason to get the Borla True-Dual 140785 over the Borla 140783? I'm hoping someone with knowledge will chime in. The only thing I can think of is that the True Dual might be better for someone who has plans to put more mods on...headers, supercharger, etc?
  9. Thanks for the info. Doesn't the X31 Off-Road package come with the same monotube shocks? So is the only real difference the 2" factory installed lift between the 2 packages? Or is the Z7X suspension different than the X31's version?
  10. Is that included in the AT4? I can't seem to find any information confirming one way or other. I'm assuming that it is or is it somehow different?
  11. Both Diablo and Edge only mention 2019 and 2020 trucks. Is this not available on the 2021? If not, why?
  12. Anyone notice any gotchas with this Pulsar LT? Also, who actually makes it? I see all the vendors with their name in front of it, Edge, DiabloSport, Range, etc, like it's their own. But I'm curious as to who really designed and made it? Looks like maybe Superchips? Read a blurb on their site that made it sound like they did. Just haven't found any concrete info.
  13. Not that I've noticed, no. Coasting to a stop downshifts on it's own and sounds good. I do get the popping every once in a while, almost sounds like small backfire, but I think once the DFM is disabled that might go away...least hoping!
  14. I have been checking Range's site regularly to see if there is any update on the 6.2L/10Spd release and just came across the Pulsar LT tonight. For the 6.2L/10spd, it's the only available option at the moment. Yes, it's a bit on the pricey side, however I do like the ability to adjust top speed and tire size (getting bigger ones in May) in addition to permanently turning off Auto Start/Stop and DFM. Ever since replacing the stock exhaust with the Borla S-Type system, the DFM mode sound drives me nuts. It's so much more pronounced whereas stock I could never tell it was even happening. That function alone is almost worth the price for me. I'll likely purchase one soon.
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