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  1. This is basically what I did. I got the AFE that Black Bear tested a couple months back for my 2018 6.2L and really liked it. No dyno proof that it increased anything along side the Borla exhaust other than the seat one , but it did seem to also be better on throttle response and added a throaty sound under medium and hard acceleration that I loved. I traded in my 2018 for a 2019 6.2L GMC Sierra SLT and sadly it doesn't fit. GM changed it up under the hood. I'm trying to offload it if anyone is interested.
  2. Just traded in my 2018 Chev Silverado LTZ 6.2L on a 2019 GMC Sierra 1500 SLT 6.2L. Have a Range AFM Disabler to sell cheap if anyone is looking for one.
  3. I called a dealership about this yesterday. They did have trouble finding it and in the system it said that was now only for 2WD vehicles, yet you can pull it up anywhere online and it says 4WD and works for a variety of vehicles. The parts guy then pulled up a VIN of a Sierra 1500 SLT X31 that I'm looking at and then cross checked it with that PN and said it fits. I think more investigating is probably required though. Seems there is probably some transition going on.
  4. Yep. The Chevy LTZ models aren't discounted much at all so far this year. I've been watching since April. It's the 2019 Chev LT's and the Double Cab's that are getting the deep discounts all year long. That could change next month, but it's always a gamble to wait. On the GMC side of the parking lot, the SLT's with the Premium Plus package are getting the deep discounts right now. I've been talking with several dealers in my area that have the SLT with the X31 and Max Tow Packages. With GM incentives and dealer pricing, it's just over $13k off of 62k MSRP trucks and I think there's possibly another $2k in there to be had. If your not in a hurry, the LTZ's will eventually come down. If you're not bent on sticking with the Chev, the GMC's with the same gadgets and interior as the LTZ's can be had in the GMC SLT for ALOT less right now.
  5. Thanks for all the replies guys. Lot more than I anticipated... That said, I made the trip out to one of the dealerships and drove 3 trucks today. The 6.2L with Max Trailering Package (MTP from here on out) and 3.42 gearing. For ride comparison I did a 5.3L with X31 (no 6.2L's with that available) and then for the hell of it and curiosity, an AT4 with the off road performance package, which includes the 6.2L and the cat back exhaust and air intake. Did about a 30 minute test on each rig through the same loop. Side roads, business areas with lots of bumps, speed bumps, pot holes, storm drains, etc and then on the freeway and then off to an uphill and downhill twisty road on the way back to the dealership with some less than desirable roads. First up was the 6.2L with Max Trailer Package and the 3.42 gearing. First thing i noticed was the gearing. Noticeable acceleration difference between it and the x31 with 3.23's that I drove yesterday, especially on the freeway and getting around slower vehicles. The truck acted more like a sports car in all areas. Through the bumpy areas of the business complex, I was actually surprised at how well it did. I was expecting a much stiffer ride. On the freeway between all 3 trucks I noticed the same road feel, as in, I felt alot more of the road and it's anomalies than I'd hoped. Something I do not feel in my current 2018, which is sort of weird. The acceleration of the MTP was definitely noticeable between it and the X31 in all areas of the test drive. I know I read how some posters here were saying there wasn't that much of a difference, but if you drive the trucks back to back, I can attest it's quite apparent. On the way back to the dealership down the twisty road there is one part where you hit a bump or split in the road as you're doing about 40ish mph. That's where I saw the big difference in this truck compared to the other ones in that the back end hopped around over this bump. The X31 seems to have a more forgiving suspension when dealing with speed bumps or hitting things with speed. The same bump that the MTP bounced around on, the X31 wobbled over but didn't hop. If I could put the front end suspension of the MTP on the X31 with 3.42 gearing, I'd have something that I really liked. I think what GM calls a "Tuned" suspension on the front of the MTP trucks is better than the X31 in my opinion for a daily driver, but the stiffer rear end in the MTP is something that bothers me a bit. I'm not sure I want to carry a few hundred pounds of sand bags in the bed of the truck all the time to compensate. I did notice that the MTP truck's air pressure was set to 39 all the way around when we jumped in it, so lowering that to 34ish might ease it a bit The AT4 is an impressive truck. I was expecting a less than desirable ride compared to the X31 and the MTP, but that 2 inch lift combined with the 18 inch tires was actually really well and in my opinion, better than both of the other trucks. I didn't care for the sound of the Mud Terrains, but it is what it is I guess. If money were no object, I'd get that truck, hands down, especially with the performance package. The sound and feel of that 6.2L with those add ons was very cool and I found myself grinning more than I was with the other two trucks. One other thing of note is that in all 3 trucks, I never noticed the DFM, which was great. My 2018, I absolutely hated that and bought the Range AFM disabler to cure it. The turning radius of these 2019's is much tighter too. At least I now know the ride difference between the MTP and the X31 now in addition to the AT4. I have to now decide which direction to go which seems to be a conundrum in of itself. Not that many trucks in either configuration in my area or for the 100 miles around, so pickings are slim.
  6. Off road currently. I called the two different dealerships that around the same distance from me about this same question. The first guy said it was basically the same because the Max Trailering has a tuned suspension. The 2nd guy said that the X31 would be softer compared to the Max Trailering. Both said they'd driven both style trucks.
  7. I'm looking at the 2019 GMC Sierra SLT 6.2L 1500 trucks. My current ride is so stiff in the front end, stock, that it's painful to take it offroad or down gravel roads with pot holes. I went and test drove a 6.2L with the X31 Offroad package at a local dealership and found a field to take it on, MUCH better than my current 2018. They didn't have any other 6.2L's in stock, but I've found some in the extended area with the Max Trailering package. While I will likely not be hauling anything in the near future, I'm wondering how the ride quality compares between the 2 packages. It's a 90 mile round trip to check out one with the Max Trailering package. Hoping someone may have some experience here and could offer insight before I have to do that.
  8. Yeah I'd like to know this as well. Ever since I added the AFE, I seem to have some anomalies with the drivetrain. Some hesitation, bogging, etc. When you floor it, it takes off like a rocket however.
  9. I have a 3 week old 2018 Silverado with the 6.2L. I'm ordering the AFE Momentum GT CAI next week. According to the info on their site, it appears to be CA CARB Compliant and Black Bear Tuning's Dyno tests suggest it's one of the best ones available. Along the lines of exhaust, I went with the Borla Touring exhaust - Dual out back and love the look and sound of it.
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