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  1. We only stayed in Colorado 1 night, in Brush where my sister lives. The dealer I took it to is in Davenport, Iowa. I checked the fan this morning(61 F) and it seemed to spin easy with only one finger. I am considering replacing the fan clutch, and have been quote $550-$600 for an OEM replacement. The water pump was replace 18-19 months ago, but the fan clutch is original. Should we go ahead with the fan clutch replacement?
  2. I tried to clean the radiator stack, but without tearing it apart I do not think I did a very good job. This morning when I headed out with the truck I noticed that it is not as loud as it has been first thing. Engine sounds normal, but prior to the last few weeks it always seemed to ROAR in the morning when I first started the truck. After 3-5 minutes it would get quiet, but now it is quiet when I initially start it in the morning. It was 65 F this morning. Does that mean the fan clutch is gone??????
  3. The codes they found are P0652, P0193, P2425, and P0117. They cleared the codes and have been driving the truck but the engine codes do not reappear. They say the thermostat is okay, and the fan is operating as it should(not sure how they are sure of the fan as they have not had the truck under load and heating up above 210). I will try to clean the radiator stack the weekend to see if there is any plugging, but it does look clean. Next option will be to flush the radiator.
  4. Sorry, I am new to this. The mileage is 114,000, I am second owner, all maintenance has been done at Chevy dealerships, with the exception of one oil change and an alternate replacement. The Chevy dealership has checked the thermostat and the fan. All they can find is some low voltage issue, fuel sensor issue, and one other, but they cannot make the truck duplicate any of the codes they found.
  5. While pulling our 2013 drv mobile suites 36tksb3 5th wheel up interstate 70 headed into Denver we overheated about 1/4 mile from the summit. We pulled over and let the truck cooldown and then proceeded to finish the climb into the tunnel. Once in the tunnel we allowed the truck to coast down hill, but the truck engine temperature continued to increase until we receive the warning "Losing Power Shutoff Engine". The ambient temperature was 55 F., windows down, air off, and coasting downhill in a tunnel, and the engine shut off. With no power steering or brakes I coasted thru the tunnel and took the first exit which luckily was not a sharp turn, and there was a nice large spot to stop at the bottom. The truck operated fine on the rest of the drive to Davenport, Iowa, but since it needed a fuel filter change I took it to the local Chevy dealership. That was a week ago and they can still not tell us why it overheated, or if there is a problem we need to have fixed. They appear to be lost and trying to solve the check engine codes they found which do not appear to have anything to do with the engine overheating and shutting off. I understand we are pulling a heavy load, but I did not expect the truck to overheat with a 55 F ambient temperature. I was traveling in the slow lane, about 40 mph, and in the tow/haul mode. Does anyone have any suggestion? I am thinking about picking up my truck as it appears this dealer does not have any idea how to fix my problem.
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