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  1. I have also had this issue... Bought my 2019 Silverado LTZ with 30 miles on it.. Drove it home and that night and - SERVICE BRAKE ASSIST.. And a bunch of other alerts.... Brakes went soft and could stop but with a lot of pressure... had to drive to the dealership very slowly and carefully. They informed me they would have to replace the master cylinder assembly.... Took a week, and got it done... it seemed to be okay except for the same issue listed above, I now have driven it 1900 miles and my truck is telling me that my front pads are down to 70% and rear 80%. At this rate I will need to replace my brakes before my first oil change. So I made another appointment to take it in to have the braking system and brakes checked.. They looked at my brakes and told me that the brakes are barely been worn.. So the system in my truck is inaccurate.. The Chevy service manager, made it seem like its not a big deal, and to have it checked again in a few months when I do my first oil change.. I called GM and informed them of al this info and they made a case.. Hopefully they can get all this figured out.. As stated above, You spend $60,000 everything should be 100% working and at least known and fixable....
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