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  1. My 99 is designed that way. The 97 just started doing that after the repairs. Ran it again this morning, like a sewing machine, temp good according to the scanner, fricken needle back up at 220. I need this gauge to be right, ready to put some miles on it for summer but the wife is convinced it's over heating due to a fault with the gauge. I may run a single wire from the sender to the cavity in the cluster and monitor that way and see what gives...although my old Chevy is kicking my ass, I'd still rather take the lumps than drive a ford.
  2. Ok, stumped and hopefully someone else has seen this. 97 c3500 2wd 454. Just replaced, Cylinder heads, gaskets,water pump, failsafe 195 t-stat, 4 core HD radiator, hoses, ECT sensor, and temp sending unit, and cluster. All done for maintenance purposes for hauling our travel trailer. Isles great, no overheat, drives great, no over heat, my solus scanner says it's running 195 all day, only got as high as 198....temp gauge says 220, changed sending unit and cluster, same dealio.. Anyone one thinking short in a wire? It's a 150k mile south Carolina truck.
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