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  1. How much room does that hitch leave between itself and the spare? Also, is it really just as concealed as the factory one is?
  2. They are fused into the grill. The part that has the letters is a plastic bar that clips onto the grill.
  3. When GM installs the factory 2 inch lift they do all of that recalibration for you. Apparently it’s the power steering that needs to be recalibrated.
  4. Exactly my thoughts. From doing research, it sounds like this has been a problem since at least 2014 in GM vehicles.
  5. At least I’m not crazy. I was going to have them look but they wanted to take the dash apart. I didn’t want to risk a permanent rattle.
  6. Sweet, thanks. I have the WT, similar grille, and originally just put vinyl right there but it got holes all over. I’ll try plastidip this time.
  7. What’d you do to get the white behind the Chevrolet? Did you just paint that back plastic piece?
  8. Yeah here is my bow tie that was gold and chrome. That white splatter is a big bug I just hit, so disregard that. lol
  9. Save yourself the money and plasti-dip it. Black plasti dip with a coat of gloss over it. Turned out great on mine!
  10. Happens to me as well with the 6speed transmission. I just always thought the brakes were slipping but now it makes sense that it’s a hard downshift.
  11. Definitely keep us updated. Mine has done the same since day 1. Dealer said they’d probably have to take out the dash. I’m reluctant because I would rather turn recirculation off on the highway than have my dash rattle....
  12. Man too bad I don’t live near there! I got the WT (things are pricey) and it has the key. Out here I only saw one Custom on a lot and it got swiped before I made it out 2 days later.
  13. Mine just randomly decides to get loud while I’m driving for about 2 seconds and then goes back to normal. Has happened 3 times or so.
  14. My dealer did the same exact thing. I was originally going to get the trail boss lift and he said it came with a reprogram for the bigger tires. Then when I asked about doing the reprogram without the lift the dealer emailed me and said that GM has no recalibration at this time. I gotta believe that’s crap since they’ll sell you bigger tires if you buy it from them.
  15. So it turns out vinyl for this application may not be the best. Idk if it’s the Arizona heat or if it was the big rain drops. I have holes everywhere in the vinyl because it doesn’t have a flat background, it’s on a grid pattern. Time for me to think up a new way to do this, because I really like the red look.
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