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  1. Talk to your insurance agent he should help you with this. Things may have changed as my encounter with this was almost 10 years ago..
  2. I had almost the same thing happen to me several years ago. My new Sierra with 1700 miles on it. A guy pulled from a side street into the side of it as I was going down the road and ripped the side off my truck from the front door back resulting in over 17,000 in damage. My insurance company told me to file a claim with his insurance after the truck was repaired for 1/3 of the amount required to fix it. They did pay the claim without me having to hire a lawyer. State Farm told me that this was considered the norm for these cases.
  3. I had been trying to decide if I liked the restyle on them and was at my dealer getting an oil change last week when a truck pulled in with a whole load of them. They unloaded a red LTZ and a black High Country. I really like them after seeing one in person. Only thing I don't like is the step in the bed side. I think they should have put a fold down step in body color instead of just a hole, but that is just my opinion.
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