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  1. Came from a 19 5.3 into the 3.0 diesel. I absolutely love this thing ! Wouldn't dare go back to a gasser if I don't have to.
  2. I swapped out some Black Duramax badges on the hood - Love them ! I also tried to swap out the black tow hooks for some red ones and found that It's a lot of work to do the hook swap on a duramax !
  3. Looks like I had good wind resistance vs you towing a wall? That's crazy on the usage of DEF for yours, I may be towing an enclosed trailer in december and will be able to compare once again. Here's the video of my return trip:
  4. This is the only pic I have right now. Not my truck.
  5. Will do. My plan is to do the tailgate next. ebay has some nice red and black RST badges available. The Z71 I cannot find in gloss black and may get deleted but undecided. Will post up on the duramax. I may also have some pics in my phone of other trucks, will look
  6. I just bought the black duramax ones for the hood. Installing this weekend.
  7. Video 2 is up. I will work on the production quality in the future but these give a good assessment on how well the duramax tows and mileage while towing through some hills.
  8. I have not, but I see no issue with that. When i lifted (2") my previous RST, I experimented with 1" - 2" blocks and ended on the 1" block in the rear. Looks good.
  9. I tow at 80 and had the 5.3 with 8 speed before the duramax. The 5.3 will rev out as it needs to, to maintain your speed. It gets the job done but yeah, the rpm's climb often. The 3.0 duramax does a much better job of maintaining speed. i was happy with my 5.3 but this duramax makes me look back and rethink how great it really was. For reference, I tow an open car trailer @6000lbs total
  10. I love it ! it's a manual and it's the 1LE package so it is quite stiff. Love the power, you can be in any gear and it moves out no problem. All of the creature comforts are extremely nice. I'm coming from a 2015 Z/28 with no features so everything is nice to me
  11. Awesome ! Glad youtube did that for us, lol. I was not on the pedal very much at all. Rolling into it just a little like normal driving. I know the way my commentary was, it may have come off as if I was pushing the truck hard. I wasn't, it was just getting the job done. Sadly, I lost a lot of video / it wasn't recording when I thought it was and most of that was hill climb. Flying up the hills in Utah going 80mph (speed limit) took it like a champ, the 5.3 had to run high up in the rpm's to match. Video 2 has a couple more hill climbs to show, but nothing like I had on day 1 that didn't make it
  12. Ah, i gotcha. No need for offset change as that usually comes required with a spindle change. With just a level kit, you can remain stock or go out depending on your taste. With those tires, you won't rub, it's only when going up in sizes where you need to do some trimming.
  13. would be the exact same as any of the gas trucks, if you are just looking for visual.
  14. Once you get your payload and needs figured out, if the duramax fits in the limits I highly recommend it. Mine squats pretty good with a bed full of stuff (wheels/tires) jack and other miscelaneous stuff.... I need a weight distribution hitch. Here's video 1 of me towing with the 3.0 Duramax - video 2 coming soon
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