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  1. Mine never corrects. Just stays high. I noticed it said it was 115 the day I bought it. Guess I should have asked about it then.
  2. I have a 2019 trail boss LT and the temp display always reads about 9 or so degrees higher than actual temp. Is anyone else seeing this and is there a fix?
  3. How do I figure out my build date to know what fluid my transmission has?
  4. Is there a way to know if you have the old transmission fluid or the new. I bought a 2019 Trailboss about a month or so ago and Its made me worry that it might still have the old fluid.
  5. I’ve always had a tool box in the bed of my trucks but with my new trail boss I’m wanting to pull the trigger and get a tonneau cover. I’m looking at the retraxone mx and the bakflip mx4. I was wanting to see what y’all recommend, here are the following things that may influence the decision. If I go with the bakflip I’ll probably still put my below the rails tool box in. Obviously I can’t do that with the retrax due to the canister. Water tightness and locking security are the most important features. The bakflip doesn’t look as secure because of the pull cords. The retrax has a disadvantage because it takes up bed space from the already small short bed. Any suggestions are welcome. Also any other tonneau cover suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks
  6. No I don’t have a bed cover. I actually noticed it the day I bought the truck but thought I may have done something wrong. It’s not the biggest deal in the world. Just weird how the first time I open it, it clicks but doesn’t come down. Then I try again and it comes down easily. Then I close it and try again and it comes down every time.
  7. So I have a 2019 trail boss I purchased within the last month. Should I be keeping an eye out for mine to be leaking? Is this an issue with a portion of the newer 2019’s that came out? Is this isolated to a small batch of trucks or what? I absolutely hate taking my truck to the dealer and it makes me sick seeing what you guys are going through.
  8. When I double click the button on the key fob to let the tailgate down it makes a click sound like it’s releasing but doesn’t come down. If I double click the fob again the tailgate will then release and let down. If I shut the tailgate and double click the fob again it will release and come down every time after the initial time. Has as anyone else experienced this and is it normal? It does the same thing if I use the button inside the truck. Seems kind of odd to me.
  9. So I found a work around that I found in another page on here by searching google. Not sure if everyone knows about it but it worked for me. If you go into iPhone settings, then sounds and haptics, then disable “change with buttons”. This is right under the ringer volume slider. I disabled this and now the truck doesn’t turn my ringtone volume down every time it connects to Bluetooth.
  10. I’ve been noticing these issues on my new trail boss but after receiving calls from people while driving I’m realizing it’s not ringing in the truck. I have the same issue with the ringer on my iPhone turning down when connecting to the truck as everyone else. But today I realized my phone isn’t ringing when I get a call. Has anyone had this same issue? I’ve turned the truck ringtone volume up to max and I’ve even turned my phone ringtone back up to max and called myself several times with no ringtone. It just shows the call coming in on the infotainment screen. Anyone have any ideas to try? I could live with my ringer being turned down but if I’m not looking at the screen in the truck I will miss calls as well. Hopefully they get this fixed very soon.
  11. Has any bought and installed the auto stop eliminator for the 2019+ silverados? If so does it work well overtime and are there any risks to installing it? This auto start/stop feature is something I definitely am not a fan of. Thanks
  12. I noticed the new 2500s had the shorter antenna too. Do you think it uses the same thread pattern as the 1500s? If so I’ll probably try to order one.
  13. How’s the LED headlights and fogs that come on the LT trim silverados? I had 2 previous gen sierras with the projector lights that were horrible. Are the 2019 Silverado LEDs better?
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