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  1. The engineers seem to think it’s a software problem in the variable power steering assist , they were aware of the problem, they are waiting for validation before they do an update, he said the strike has everything held up, they originally thought they would had have it done by the end of September , but it doesn’t look like it
  2. Yes they’ve had several complaints, and during developmental stages they had this problem,and they thought it was resolved,but it’s still seems to be a problem
  3. i spoke with a GM field engineer ,they want to do road force balancing to get a base line for the shimmy , i sent them a video of the shimmy and they are aware there is a problem that exists ,just waiting for my dealer to finish the repairs on my 19 ZR1 and will drop it off and pick up the vette
  4. you will know it if your truck has the problem , it is very apparent ,i'm not just being a critic ,because other than this problem it's a great product
  5. my truck has 800 miles on it ,it is a big improvement over the 2019 i traded ,the only thing is the steering shimmy ,its almost like it has a bad idler arm
  6. i fully understand it is covered under warranty ,but i prefer michelin tires to good year any way ,and i have talk to my dealer about the issue
  7. have you noticed any shimmy in the steering wheel ,i have a 2020 high country thats 2 weeks old ,i thought it was the good years so i put new michelins on it and it still has a shimmy in the steering
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