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  1. Just tried that and it says there is no accessory hooked up.
  2. You should call GMC and start a case number like I did. If enough people do they might fix it.
  3. My truck is at the GMC dealership while I'm on vacation this week so they can try and figure something out. I don't have high hopes. I should add that the sled deck lights work perfect when we also have our Malibu boat trailer connected to the 7 pin on the bumper. I have a Full Lotus deck.
  4. I have a 2020 2500HD AT4 and so far the lights on my boat trailer are working they way they should. I don't think I'm much help to fix your problem but I did find this info https://techlink.mynetworkcontent.com/?p=11176. The lights were pulsing when the truck was off which appears to be normal. But now I have a sled deck in the bed of the truck for hauling snowmobiles and it uses a 4 pole connector for running tail lights, running lights, signals, and brake lights. But all those lights will do is pulse when the truck is on and when the truck is off. Anyone have an idea how to get the 4 pole connector in the bed of the truck working the accessory lights correctly?
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