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  1. I agree it will be nearly impossible to replace my beloved Escalade. It depressed me when I found out they were discontinued. I’m a really simple person and the looks of a vehicle is low on my priority list. I’m about function and best value. I don’t know much about suspensions to know if aftermarket air struts can be installed without affecting the warrantee. I am considering a GMC Sierra (not Denali) too. I’ll have to see if they offer air struts.
  2. Thank you for your feedback i have been considering the Ram 1500 with air suspension as well as the Titan 1500 with air.
  3. I’m in the same boat. A neck injury left me to endure chronic pain and now I need to replace my Cadillac Escalade truck with another smooth running truck. EVERY little bump could trigger my symptoms. I don’t need the truck for hauling heavy loads or doing much towing I just need it periodically since we have a farm. Do any of you on this site know what trucks are out there currently that offer the smoothest ride? I do need 4x4 capabilities
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