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    1999 4x4 Tahoe and 2003 gmc Sierra 1500

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  1. When it did start I cut it off and started it back up about 15 times. Then 2 days after it wouldn't start again.
  2. I need help with my 1999 4 door 4x4 Chevrolet tahoe. It sat in the yard without a battery in it for a few months. When I put a battery in it and tried to crank it the anti theft wouldn't let it. It starts for a second or 2 and immediately cuts off. A friend of mine put a jumper wire from the I believe pink and orange wires in the steering column saying it would bypass the anti theft And it worked. Crunk up fine. No problem. Well then he touched a wire to something or another wire and it sparked. And now it won't start again. If anyone has any information that might help me it would be appreciated
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