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  1. The only way they come on is by using the dome override switch. When they come on they stay on with the door open or closed. The only way to turn them back off is to push the dome override switch again. I will check into the relay, where is the timer located?
  2. I have a 2000 Silverado 1500 LT extended cab. The interior lights don't come on when either front door is opened. Opening the driver door with the key in the ignition sounds the key in ignition dinger as well as turning the radio off. Opening the passenger door does nothing, no lights, no response from radio or dinger. I can turn the interior lights on by using the dome override button and by turning the dash panel dimmer to the dome position. Any ideas where to start? A breakdown of the system would help if anyone has one. Thanks
  3. My Temperature gauge doesn't work, there is power to the cluster, and good continuity from the sensor wire to the ground portion of the gauge. If I ground the sensor wire to the block the gauge only goes about 3/4 of the way to H. I took the cluster out of the truck and hooked a jumper cable to the hot terminal on the gauge and the sensing plug, the gauge pegged to H immediately, I then grounded the body of the gauge and it went back to C. Any idea what's going on here? I also have good continuity throughout the printed circuit.
  4. I see there's some antifreeze on the wire loom at the front of the oil pan on my 2000 5.3L. I assume it's coming from the water pump gasket, what tool do you guys use to hold the water pump pulley to spin the fan clutch off? Thanks
  5. I have code PO442 for a small evap leak. I built a smoke machine that will produce quite a bit of smoke, but I can't attach it to the schrader valve at the evap service port. So I disconnected the connector at the purge solenoid and attached the smoke line there. I ran the smoker and couldn't find a leak of smoke anywhere in the system. I'm sure I can't do very good diagnostics on this though because my scan tool isn't capable of doing Bi Directional tests. Any Ideas? I was thinking I should see smoke coming from somewhere.
  6. Hello, I have a 71 GMC 950, it has a Signal Stat 900 turn signal switch. When I turn the left signal on everything works good if I turn the right signal on with the headlights off the blinkers blink but so do the dash lights. If I turn the right signal on with the head or parking lights on the signal indicator and dash lights go dim and the signal comes on solid. I am assuming this is a ground problem somewhere. Is there a good place to start diagnosing this problem? I don't know what the thought process was but I thought I should add, someone has wired the taillights and the dash lights into a toggle switch on the left side of the gauge cluster. The factory headlight switch still turns on the headlights and front parking lights and also dims the dashlights. Thanks
  7. I have a 71 GMC 950 manure truck with a small block and 2 jet Rochester carb. When it gets up to speed going down the road it starts popping out the exhaust when cruising, if I give it more throttle it quits and starts doing it again when I back off the throttle. It seems to run fine except this no loss of power or rough running other than the popping. Any ideas? I messed with the timing a bit today and had it advanced to the point it would spark knock when starting out so I moved the timing back to where I started. The vacuum advance isn't hooked up I'm not sure who unhooked it, I did put a hose on the advance can on the distributor and sucked on it and didn't see anything inside move so I'm thinking the diaphragm is bad.
  8. I put the points, condenser and plugs in. That fixed it. The exhaust smells a bit gassy and the new plugs are a bit black like it's running rich. The only mixture screws on the carb appear to be for the idle circuit? It's also a little hesitant sometimes when I punch the throttle to wide open, it could have been like that before.
  9. Closer look at the points the arm side is burnt pretty good going to pickup a set of points a condenser and plugs
  10. The cap had a little corrosion on a few terminals, I cleaned it off with my knife but maybe replace it? Rotor looks fine. Choke isn't stuck closed. PCV is already unhooked, it has chrome valve covers with breather caps in each. It still has points they are a little corroded around the edges, I will try cleaning them up and re gapping.
  11. Hello, I have a 1971 GMC 950, I am storing firewood in the manure box that's on it now and have been unloading some into the woodshed as needed. I'm not sure what engine is in it but I believe it's a small block. It has a 2 barrel Rochester Carb. It has been running near perfect and today I moved it across the yard from the garage where it's parked to the woodshed and let it run while unloading wood and could hear it loading up. When I went to park it it wouldn't hardly rev up, backfiring through the exhaust and carb and blowing lots of blue smoke when given throttle. I thought maybe the plugs were fouling so I wire brushed them and burnt the carbon off with a propane torch and there's no change. The vacuum advance is unhooked and has been I'm not sure when that was done but it was running fine up until today, nothing in the engine has been touched in the last couple years. It idles just fine but when given a little throttle it starts to stumble and when increasing throttle it begins backfiring and a couple times shot flames out the carb. Any ideas what's causing my issue.
  12. Okay, the resistor fixed the fan speed problem and the Mode actuator started working by itself
  13. I think he was going to pick up a new resistor, I will check the terminals before I install it. I checked the power to the resistor and it was clean. Is there more than one actuator for the position control, and where are they located?
  14. Hello My Uncle has a 2002 Silverado and the Blower Fan only runs on speeds 4 and 5. Any ideas as to why? I am thinking the blower motor resistor might be bad? Also the directional control isn't working when it's set to dash it blows out the defrost and will not switch to the dash. It will mix the defrost and floor but won't completely turn off the defrost, any ideas on that? He put a different HVAC control unit off ebay before bringing it to me and that didn't change anything. Any help is much appreciated
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