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  1. I was just looking for options. This truck spent 6 weeks at the local GM dealer. They replaced the wiring harness, computer, and many sensors at the cost of $2600 and the problem still exists. They quit and still charged me for the whole time they spent on it. Most of the time it won't start at all, there-by being useless. A HEI distributor runs about $60 on ebay. A carb runs about $150. If this would work, I see an obvious advantage to it. For less than $500, I could have a usable dump truck again.
  2. I'm probably posting in the wrong sub-foum, sorry. I have a 2000 7.4l in a c7500 dump truck that has been giving me fits with electrical problems for years. I would like to install a HEI distributor and eliminate the electronic ignition system. Can a distributor be installed in this engine? I'm also going to put a carb on it also. Any help from the "experts" would be appreciated. I have no experience with BB Chevs.
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