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  1. I have done a little research on this site, and I talked to a buddy that works at a GM dealership about adding things like the extra cameras. He basically told me that if the truck wasn't built with them you're out of luck unless you go aftermarket. This coincides with what I've read on here and other forums. Simple things like extra USB ports can be added because they only require a 12V source.
  2. How do you remove the taillights to replace the bulbs? I have a '19 LTZ and I don't think my reverse lights are LED, so I'd like to swap them and the license plate bulbs as well. Thanks
  3. Why don't they make a tray that fits in jumper seat console? It gets just as cluttered as the full console... Anyone know of an option for that? TIA
  4. I'm looking for a full set of Summit White door handle covers. My LTZ has chrome handles and I want to swap them out. Any ideas, or even part numbers?
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