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  1. I have found exciting deals for Black Friday on Tonneau Cover and Truck Bed Covers at www.ToughAutoParts.com (Tough Auto Parts) It was simple, find the cover on their website, chat with their experts and get the discount. Highly recommend it and hope you all get the discount you're looking for. Sounds like early Christmas for me
  2. Thanks for all the feedback. I found like the TonnoPro options that are at ToughAutoParts.com but still researching and waiting for additional feedback. https://www.toughautoparts.com/tonneau-covers.html?manufacturer=604
  3. I recommend looking at ToughAutoParts.com they offer the lowest price on hard, soft, rollup, and retractable tonneau covers. There price is unbeatable and if you find a price lower they will match it. Plus get SAME DAY FREE Shipping!
  4. Post photo of your tonneau cover? I am ordering BakFlip MX4 Hard Fold from ToughAutoParts.com and really excited to get it shortly. Lowest price + Free Shipping, that was an unbeatable deal. Curious to see what everyone owns and how it looks.
  5. Hi All, New here and looking for advice on Tonneau Covers for 2018 Chevy Silverado. I found the deal and price that I want from ToughAutoParts.com but need some help deciding which one to buy...Hard, Soft, or Retractable? I listed few below that I think I like but need some advice, open to suggestion. I know my partner of choice because they offered the lowest prices on the ones I like so far and were able to beat any price I presented from other competitors. Hard Tonneau Cover: https://www.toughautoparts.com/tonneau-covers/hard-folding.html Soft Tonneau Cover: https://www.toughautoparts.com/tonneau-covers/soft-folding.html Retractable Tonneau Cover: https://www.toughautoparts.com/tonneau-covers/retractable.html Roll-up Tonneau Cover: https://www.toughautoparts.com/tonneau-covers/hard-roll-up.html I know it's bit confusing and I am confused as well. The price for soft and roll-up is great but i like the hard and retractable as well so I am lost in between. Share your photo if you have it, like to see how it fits?
  6. Yes, and got mine from TAP <<< check out this guys they have best deals! I had mine shipped out same day and got it installed very quickly.
  7. I have owned BAK retractable and Retrax retractable both purchased from TAP. Loved them very much and highly recommend it.
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