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  1. I have never heard of that 3m pen, I only heard of those little pen kits that the dealer sells to fix paint correction. Those weren’t bad but I was just curious to try something new. If I saw that 3m pen you posted before I bought the colorchip, probably would have tried that one first lol
  2. i will do that before the second coat. I just wanted to see how it worked the first time before I do more stuff. Would you recommend wet sanding? I thought about using 3000 grit, should be enough to take that extra paint off without damaging anything
  3. UPDATE! I finally got in the dr colorchip and I did a test to see if it worked. It actually did pretty good the first time, but I do have to do another pass because one part is deeper then the rest. The instructions were very clear. I did mess up but that was my own fault, put to much paint on it. I will update in a day or two when I put a 2 second coat on it. First picture is the original and the second one is after the first coat
  4. Yea I tried a scrubbier before and nada lol. Unfortunately I can feel the scratch so the dr colorchip is my only hope. Still waiting on it to be delivered so I can try it
  5. Unfortunately my bed isn’t out of aligned because I would of definitely try that method lol. But that’s good that your getting it taken care of. Yea I was super upset when I saw the scratch but I’m praying the dr color chip will work. I ordered it earlier this week and I’ll update the post with pictures once I use it
  6. Hello all! First post but I have been looking at these forums for a while now. So long story short I just got a brand new 2019 Sierra 1500 about a month ago and just the other day I noticed a scratch in what I call the textured paint area by the rear wheel. So I tired scratch removers, tooth paste and pretty much every idea I came across on the internet. My question is what else can I try? My last resort is that paint pen they sell in the service area but I feel like it would look weird with the textured paint thanks for your help! Picture for showing the scratch EDIT: I have not dried using a polisher because I don’t have the tools for it. I only tried stuff that’s cheap and stuff around the household
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