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  1. This is a little discouraging to read. Your story sounds exactly like my experience with Ford, the only difference is that the dealerships are also useless and couldn't care less. So far my GMC has been problem free but I only have 2k miles on it. Hopefully they find a resolution to the problem soon. I am also amazed at the number of problems and lack of concern regardless of the price of the vehicles but especially when they are charging 50-80 thousand dollars for a truck.
  2. I just traded a 2017 Ford f250 Platinum for a 2020 GMC Denali. My Ford suffered from death wobble as well as numerous issues with the interior build quality. Ford provides very little customer service and my truck was in the shop for much of the last four months i owned it. I loved the truck but Fords incompetent service persuaded me to try a different brand this time. After discovering the death wobble issue I found that it is very common with Ford products. Buyer beware.
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