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  1. So I did more digging. The two wires I found not connected to anything are in fact to a speaker that someone removed. The wire in the engine bay is for an air pump that the truck does not have. I also held 12 volts to the RAP wire of the window switch and it started working. I also held 12 volts to the radio fuse and the radio started working. I’m starting to think the RAP relay is bad and is triggering the RAP circuit high code. Is there a way to test this theory? I don’t see a RAP relay to remove but the device manual says there is one, just will only say it’s in the LBEC.
  2. Hello, posting on mobile so sorry if it’s a mess. A few weeks ago I purchased a 199 GMC Sierra 1500 Z71. Since than I have noticed a few issues regarding electrical. The radio has no power but the hr and min buttons show the clock. The wiper switch does not work but the washer switch does. Overdrive does not show on the dash, the orange wire is not broken. The window switch does not work, there are two wires pulled out of the drivers window switch. There is a wire under the hood by the Ac compressor that does not go into anything (see pic) When I bought the truck the 4wd worked fine. Now the light on the 4wd switch just flashes when I push it. I am able to get it to switch with the shop tool hooked up but not with the buttons on the dash. I did some troubleshooting and found that the fuse that says radio, along side a few other fuses in the cab do not have power when the key is at the Run position with the truck off. Also, all maxi fuses are good. A side note, the maxi fuse for “air pump” calls for a 30 and there is a 40 in its slot, also, I did not think it had an air pump. The scanner tool shows a B1478 (Rap circuit high) and B2647 (Ambient light circuit low). Also shows ABS pump circuit open (Bad valve assembly) My question is could this be all tied into one thing or could it be multiple issues?
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