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  1. I take it back. I'm experiencing shudder pretty bad in the low rpms. I'm guessing torque converter failure. Probably bad trans too.
  2. All fixed with programing. 1hr labor. Totalling 5600 total investment.
  3. Unfortunately. I've already handed the keys over them for a reflash. Hopefully if they find a harness not plugged in properly they charge me accordingly.
  4. Last time I checked the "chassis" section of my scanner, the u0100 code was not present. But the other two were and will not clear. Nothing showing up next to the m in manual mode. If I clear the code the gear number will come up momentarily and then go away. The truck does not have any other issues. I see a lot of threads where these issues arise with a handful of others. That is not the case here.
  5. They return immediately. Whether I drive or not. I only drove it to test it out. When I cleared the code it would shift into the appropriate gear then stay in that gear with the code present. Batteries are good and strong now. Lights were just left on at the auction. I just want to make sure the three loss of communication codes are strictly from the need of a reflash. I guess I need to confirm with someone who has swapped a transmission out and had these codes before reflashing it. If there is another issue, I would like to fix it myself prior to dropping it off in the hands of the dealer.
  6. That is good to know. Thank you. I will check the connection tonight.
  7. Alright, so I got in touch with the mechanic at the State. They swapped transmissions out with another vehicle. So now I know that it will indeed need to be reflashed. However, I am concerned about the no communication issue. I do not want to drop it off the dealer if it is not functioning well enough for them to complete the flash/relearn.
  8. Would the dealer even be able to reprogram or reflash the truck if these no communication codes are active?
  9. It's a 2013. I put that in the title but I guess I omitted the Tahoe part of it. The harness looks fine all over. It wasn't sitting long. Not even any rust on the rotors. I've purchased a few cars off of them and their diagnosis usually comes back accurate. This one just said "needs reflash after repair ' would needing a reflash cause them not to communicate? Thanks for the welcoming.
  10. I bought a ppv off the state today. They said it needed to be reflashed after a transmission repair. Made sense to me. Got it home and read the codes. They all relate to loss of communication. If I clear the code it will shift. Have to clear it every gear. It will shift well. Unfortunately I do not know what was done for work. Seems to have multiple loss of communication codes. Runs well. Starts fine. All electronics work in the car. U0101 loss comm with tcm U0100 loss Comm with ecm/pcm a U0140 loss comm with body control module. Any ideas?
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