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  1. for the guys who only installed CAI did you flash the computer. No exhaust just the CAI
  2. http://iconvehicledynamics.com/shop/complete-suspension-systems/1372-2019-up-gm-silverado-sierra-1500-15-35-suspension-system-stage4-tubular.html thats the one
  3. Yes the 4K mark will get you there, you could get away with a a cheaper UCA and save a few dollars. The cognito UCA is great and should be available soon. Get the shocks direct from icon and they will install pretty easy. Took about three hours start to finish
  4. Not sure what you want to spend or the type of use you’ll be needing? I recently swapped out UCA’s/shocks all around, the trucks ride and handling have grown exponentially. It’s a totally different truck
  5. ive got the icon coilover 2.5 and they are worth every penny, You wont regret losing the ranchos
  6. Add and fab four have them released but would like to see a few mounted before pulling the trigger. The ADD is 200 lbs w/o a winch was wondering if folks upped springs to 700 pounds
  7. Has anyone installed aftermarket bumper yet? ADD, Fab four?
  8. are any of you changing the springs for steel front bumper/winch setups?
  9. Looking at fox/king/icon not sure what’s best for my at4 been checking sites and data and it seems king and fox are for slower speeds? Thoughts? Thanks for input
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