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  1. Not sure about that wire. My 03 Suburban doesn't have a ground shooting out of the harness right there. It does have 2 grounds on the block behind the intake and one from the driver's side rear of the block (same bolt) up to that stud on the firewall that your buddy probably used. Here's a picture of both grounds at the back of the engine.
  2. I know this isn't the same thing here, but I've had a BMW with a bad engine mount causing a no start. Found out the hard way that the engine was grounded through the mount some how and grounding the engine block with a set of jumper cables allowed a good ground and a good start. Might be worth a try bypassing your factory power and grounds to see if they could be the problem. Voltage drops are going to be large even with a slight resistance on a starter due to the amperage draw.
  3. Maybe the easiest thing to do is just find the stock 5.3 file for a 2001 4x4 and adjust for the 6.0L injectors? I supposed I can swap all of the EGR stuff and manifolds over for now just to keep it happy.
  4. That's a great idea. Honestly the thought hadn't crossed my mind since the new engine doesn't have the EGR parts. I'd like to get rid of the EGR and keep the bigger Flex injectors that came with the 5.3 if possible. Know anywhere I could find a tune for that. I want to say the 2003 and newer have the green/blue connectors for the P59. I don't have HP Tuners but I do have TunerPro, LS Droid, and PCM Hammer to flash with.
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